Aquatic Achievers in Wavell Heights Among Swim Schools Getting $5-M SwimStart Boost

Aquatic Achievers Wavell Heights Swim School (Photo Credit: Camilla Lucko/Google Maps)

Plans have been announced for an additional $5 million in funding for the SwimStart program, more than doubling the funding allocated to provide swimming lessons for young children.

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The vouchers can be used at nearly 180 registered swim schools across Queensland, including Aquatic Achievers Wavell Heights Swim School.

Learning to swim is an essential life skill, especially for young Queenslanders. This extra funding will allow the provision of swimming lesson vouchers to even more families who need support to get their kids in the pool early.

Photo credit: Liza Prosper/Google Maps

The additional $5 million builds on the original $2.5 million allocated to SwimStart and will provide enough funding for the program to continue through June 2025.

Sport Minister Michael Healy said more eligible parents, carers and guardians will be able to get their kids in the water and learn to swim.

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The vouchers are available in addition to existing swimming programs offered through primary schools. The Queensland government remains committed to ensuring all school-aged children develop water safety and swimming skills.

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About SwimStart 

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SwimStart is a voucher program in Queensland that provides up to one $150 voucher per child aged 0-4 per fiscal year to parents, guardians, or caregivers when enrollment is open. The vouchers can be used to cover the cost of swimming lessons from registered SwimStart providers.

The vouchers can only be redeemed with approved SwimStart activity providers, such as Aquatic Achievers.

If you would like your child to take lessons with a provider that is not currently listed in the SwimStart directory, please contact that organisation directly and inquire about their plans to register as an approved provider. Organisations must complete the registration process before they can accept SwimStart vouchers.

Visit Queensland Government’s website to find SwimStart providers in your area.

Published 16-January-2024