Banyo Rated No. 1 Brisbane Suburb with Best Access to Schools

Photo Credit: Brisbane City/Twitter

Banyo, the residential/industrial suburb 13 kilometres north of Brisbane CBD, emerged as the number one suburb with the best access to education. This community in the Northgate Ward scored 10 out of 10 in a study on the most livable places in Australia.

The Domain Liveability study, which was released on the 18th of Nov 2019, looked into 18 indicators to determine the quality of life of its residents. The scores for access to both primary and secondary schools, however, were based on proximity and not the quality and performance of the schools.  

Study co-author Daniel Terrill said that proximity is significant for many families since there are faced with challenges like travel time, drop-offs and pick-ups. Having schools near where residents live lowers travel times and presumably, short travel times are better for the parents and the children.

Photo Credit: Domain Liveability

Aside from Banyo, Chermside West, Clontarf, Ferny Grove and Kelvin Grove also scored high on school accessibility. In Kelvin Grove, open homes are popular with families because they want to secure a house in a school catchment area. People buy houses in this suburb not necessarily to live in it but to rent it out first until such time that they would actually need it.

Local Resources

According to The Good Schools Guide, there are 76 primary and secondary schools within and around Banyo. Based on the NAPLAN, Earnshaw State College at the corner of Earnshaw and Tufnell Road in Banyo is the most improved Brisbane North school for 2019. 

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