BCC Prepares Proposal for Wavell Heights Village Precinct Project

Photo Credit: Google Maps / google.com/maps

The Brisbane City Council is now in the process of preparing the strategy and improvement proposal for the Wavell Heights Village Precinct Project to revitalise the neighbourhood shopping precinct in Hamilton Road, Wavell Heights.

As part of the Village Precinct Projectsthe Council is committing $400,000 to the upgrade project that aims to: improve the amenity, connectivity, and safety for the locals and residents in the centre; contribute to and encourage local economic development; enhance the community’s sense of place at this neighbourhood centre.

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council / brisbane.qld.gov.au

During the three-week consultation, the Council received more than 110 survey responses and more than 30 people have engaged at the onsite information kiosk last 8 December 2018. The scope of the project stretches from Hamilton Road, Millcan, and Stadcor Street intersection on the right to just past the Hamilton Road and Albar Street corner on the left.

A number of possible improvements include: new footpath surface; shrub and tree planting; improved accessibility to shops through works such as kerb ramp and pavement changes; placemaking elements to enhance centre character and identity and to create a focal point for the community.

By late March 2019, improvement proposal will be on display in the Wavell Heights shopping centre and other key locations and construction is expected to begin in April 2019. Upon completion, which should be around mid-2019, locals and businesses will be invited to an activation event to celebrate and promote the revitalised neighbourhood centre.

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Milcan/Stadcor Sts & Hamilton Rd, Wavell Heights QLD 4012, Australia