Competitive Market Predicted For Character Homes in Wavell Heights

character home
Photo credit: CCO Public Domain/pxhere

Brisbane’s northern suburbs real estate market is abuzz with the sale of a Wavell Heights renovated home for $885,000.

Buyers liked how the character of the house was kept intact despite the renovation of the property as opposed to knocking it down and building something completely new.

Real estate agents believe character homes attract more interest than their contemporary counterparts. People are drawn to the original characteristics as opposed to the brand new build.

According to the Brisbane City Council, heritage and character buildings reflect the best of Australian architecture and the city’s local history.

Brisbane City
Photo credit: sandid/Pixabay

In order to protect and maintain the architectural heritage and character of the city and suburbs, the Council has developed Brisbane City Plan 2014. The City Plan outlines requirements for appropriate development in Brisbane’s older suburbs and for renovating, demolishing or removing some buildings.

Four different types of heritage or character properties have been identified, each with a corresponding development requirement. Basically, the rule states that character homes are to be retained and any extensions or alterations are to complement the traditional building style and should not alter the original parts of the house.

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As character homes in Brisbane’s northern suburbs continue to draw crowds, the market is only going to get more competitive with a lot more properties coming to market.