Dear Deer Cafe in Wavell Heights Welcomes Every Kind of Food Lover, Including Dogs

Photo Credit: Dear Deer Cafe /Facebook

A cosy cafe in Wavell Heights, which opened in early 2019, could be your next favourite hangout. Dear Deer Cafe in Hamilton Road is a family-friendly eatery that serves every kind of food lover, including their dogs.

The place might be quite small but Dear Deer Cafe delivers the kind of service you’d expect from a tight-knit community like Wavell Heights. The warm and friendly staff will entice you to visit again.  

Photo Credit: Dear Deer Cafe /Facebook

Your brunch cravings are easily sorted out at this restaurant with its sprawling menu. It will be hard to resist their all-day breakfast choices, featuring the Dear Food Coma (bacon, chipolatas, house hash, mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, sauteed spinach, free-range eggs, a side of fresh garden salad and a toast of your choice).

The lunch selections are a simple but nonetheless satisfying, featuring the Dear Deer Burger (slow-cooked pork belly on a bed of spinach, American cheese, home-made tomato relish and red onion with mustard. Served with a side salad and chips). Groups dining with children are given the easy option to order Breakfast for Fawns, which comes with a juice box in every order.

Photo Credit: Dear Deer Cafe /Facebook

To perk up your mornings or energise the rest of your day, Dear Deer Cafe serves coffees from Toby’s Estate.  

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This cafe is pretty convenient for dropping in with your furry pets for some time to chill, for enjoying a social brunch, or for bringing your family for a hearty meal to celebrate a special occasion. 

The cafe is open daily from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. For the 2019 Christmas and New Year break, be sure to check their Facebook Page for the closed dates beginning the 24th of Dec to avoid inconveniences.

“I loved my experience at Dear Deer, the quality of service was superb, just like the food. There is a sense of a tightly-knit community at Dear Deer, they accommodate for all kinds of food lovers, will definitely be recommending to my friends!”

~ Kian Burke, Zomato

“I went to Dear deer and it was delish! We ordered the veggie food coma and dear food coma. So many fresh ingredients – Homemade hash browns, REAL freshly squeezed orange juice. Food was quick, friendly service. A great local cafe I’d be happy to visit and support again.” 

~ Bell Silverthorne, Google Reviews