Let Your Creativity Blossom at The Flower School

Let Your Creativity Blossom at The Flower School

The Flower School, located at Northlink Place in Virginia, has been offering professional floral training since 2004. They provide a range of courses, workshops, and masterclasses for floral enthusiasts. 

Whether you’re interested in Certificates II, III & IV in Floristry or courses like Introduction to Floristry, Event Styling, and Professional Wedding, The Flower School has something for everyone.

Floristry has a rich history, dating back thousands of years. The Egyptians were known for crafting bouquets, funeral flowers, and temple arrangements. The Flower School carries on this tradition by training the next generation of florists.

At The Flower School, they prioritise hands-on learning. With tutor-led demonstrations and active student participation, they ensure high-quality, personalised training. Their qualified trainers guide students through both traditional and contemporary floristry techniques, covering hand-tying, wiring, and more.

To succeed in floristry, you need creativity and a love for flowers. The Flower School’s experienced floristry tutors are dedicated to helping students start or advance their careers in the retail or creative floristry industries. From mastering techniques to understanding design, they provide comprehensive instruction.

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Classes at The Flower School have a small-group setting, fostering a modern and industry-like atmosphere. They believe in equipping students with a solid understanding of the trade, whether for business or pleasure.

The Flower School
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If you’re considering a career in floristry, their introductory course, Certificate II in Floristry, is perfect. It prepares you for an assistant-level position and covers the basics of creating bouquets, arrangements, and table centrepieces. Wiring techniques for corsages, boutonnières, and flower crowns are also taught.

In this course, you’ll learn about caring for floral stock, proper storage, and preparation. You’ll also develop retail skills and gain industry knowledge through visits to flower markets, growers, and events.

To excel, you’ll need to dedicate at least 10-12 hours per week to studying. The Flower School believes that commitment and passion are essential for success in floristry.

Whether you want to work in a flower shop, style events, or create stunning wedding arrangements, The Flower School is the place to start. 

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Published 26-June-2023