Lovelea Designs In Wavell Heights Turns Trash Into Treasure

Photo credit: Lovelea Designs / Facebook

Dive into the world of upcycling in Wavell Heights. Lovelea Designs offers a variety of workshops for locals who want to learn how to turn scrap into furniture pieces.

Owned by Lea, the workshop is located at the bottom floor of her home. All of the tools that you’re going to need are here – from chainsaws, to upholstery, to paint.

The owner’s mission is to find preloved furniture and turn it into a beautiful work of art. They scour city streets during the Brisbane City Council’s kerbside collection and pick up pieces of furniture.

There are so many things to do here. You can learn how to upcycle furniture, or if you wish to learn how to do upholstery, they have workshops for that as well. The workshops teach basic skills such as painting, stenciling and basic decoupage.

Photo credit: Lovelea Designs / Facebook

Lovelea Designs also conducts workshops for kids during the school holidays.

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The workshops take three hours and happen during the weekends. You will be provided with everything that you need here. The items that will be used came from kerbside collections, council top shops, garage sales, and even from existing customers.

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Photo credit: Lovelea Designs / Facebook

The place is also open for private events. So, if you feel like doing something different for your family gathering or birthday, this is a great spot.

They also offer repair or furniture refurbishing should you have any pieces of furniture you want to put to good use in your home.

The cost of the workshops is $60 for three hours.

Address: 16 Highlands Street, Wavell Heights