Northgate Ventilator Manufacturer to Deliver Large Volumes to Help Fight COVID-19

Olitek OzVader
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Olitek, a manufacturer based in Northgate, has committed to deliver large volumes of high-quality, functional, TGA-accredited OzVader ventilators in the fight against COVID-19.  

The company is one of three other Queensland businesses to receive part of the $50 million funding to boost the manufacturing capabilities of the country. 

The money will allow Olitek to prioritise and expand OzVader ventilation production to meet the demands at various healthcare facilities, as well as create more jobs in the midst of a crisis.

“As part of the Queensland Government’s strategy to Unite and Recover for Queensland jobs, we’re continuing to support Queensland businesses and manufacturers to expand their production capacity, especially in the area of health PPE and medical devices,” Acting Premier and Minister for State Development Steven Miles said.

“By continuing to back our mighty manufacturing sector, we’re further boosting Queensland’s ability to respond quickly at a State level and to also join the global pandemic response.”

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Prior to the pandemic, Olitek concentrated on robotics engineering for the mining industry. Realising that long supply chains from across the world could break down, as seen in this pandemic, the company partnered with a team of intensive care specialists at the Queensland University Technology (QUT) Medical Engineering Research Facility (MERF) to make more affordable locally-made ventilators at a rapid pace. 

Photo Credit: OzVader/Twitter

“The response from manufacturers and medical experts in this state to the COVID-19 crisis has been magnificent,” Minister for State Development and Manufacturing Cameron Dick said. “We’re continually impressed with the innovative way Queensland’s best minds in tech, engineering and medicine have risen to the challenge to tackle COVID-19.” 

OzVader ventilators will be distributed to ICU wards, Australian hospitals and even remote field hospitals across the world.