Norths Junior Rugby: Enlist Your Kids To Enjoy A New Social Sport

Photo Credit: Norths Junior Rugby/Facebook

Is your child ready for a social sport like Rugby? Norths Junior Rugby is opening its registration for the next breed of players who will enjoy and grow in the game.

Norths Junior Rugby is a family-oriented sports club that trains kids from the ages of six to 18. If you’ve got a son or daughter showing an interest in the sport, you may register them for the 2020 season on the 6th, the 21st and the 28th of March at 150 Shaw Road, Wavell Heights 4012.

For an easier registration, parents may also download the Rugby Explorer App on their mobile.  Create an account for each child by clicking on “Register” at the bottom right-hand corner of the app.

For Norths Junior Rugby, registrations are currently open for the following participants:

U6 to U18s XVs Juniors 
U12 to U18 Girls Only10s Junior Girls (Term 1)  7s Junior Girls (Term 2 and 3)

You may also explore the app for any upcoming registrations by searching “Norths Junior Rugby” and then selecting “Get Into Rugby Participant/Get Into Rugby.” Follow the prompts to see other opportunities. 

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Photo Credit: Norths Junior Rugby/Facebook

A social and contact sport like Rugby keeps children active whilst having heaps of fun on the field. This game is also a character-forming activity that can equip children the skills to apply in real life, as they form lifelong friendships and learn teamwork. 

Members of the club train every Friday evening and play every Saturday morning. There are no matches and training during school holidays.  

Please take note that the app registration will not go through unless payment has been completed. For enquiries about the registration, matches and payment,  email