Petition to Secure Funding for the Hamilton Road Shopping Precinct Upgrade in Wavell Heights Launched

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A petition has been launched urging the Council to include Wavell Heights’ Hamilton Road shopping precinct on the Village Precinct Projects for 2018-2019.

With the hopes of securing government funding for the upgrades on Hamilton Road shopping strip, the petition was lodged by Councillor for Northgate Ward Adam Allan.

As part of the Council Annual Plan and Budget 2018-2019, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has allocated $5.2 million for the Village Precinct Projects which aims to enhance and beautify local village precincts.

To help build the economy and support local businesses, the multi-million Village Precinct Projects may include precinct enhancements such as gardens, lighting, seating, footpath upgrades, street art, and more.

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Cr Allan is working to secure the funding for Wavell Heights shopping strip at Hamilton Road since improving suburban shopping strips is one of the key principles of “Brisbane’s Future Blueprint“. The blueprint is the outcome of the resident feedback from the Council’s “Plan Your Brisbane” consultation.

Local Resources

It might be time for the Wavell Heights shopping strip at 159 Hamilton Road to have some upgrades to support local businesses in the area. Read more about the online petition here.

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