Pets Enjoy Treats from Wavell Heights Café


At Beanbag Espresso in Wavell Heights, locals can get to enjoy their coffee and cupcake, with their furry friend tagging along. Pet dogs can even get a doggie biscuit baked just for them.

Beanbag Espresso is just one of the growing number of North Brisbane coffee places that are recognising the importance of providing space for dogs and their humans. They can basically jog around the community with their dog, then head over to the café for coffee or snack.

Many residents in the area are dog owners who love spending time with their pets, so it makes sense for coffee places to cater to their needs.

The café is famous among locals for its delectable and pretty cupcakes as well as the friendly vibe. There are seats just outside the establishment where pet owners and their dogs can stay.

You can find the café at 4/277 Rode Road Wavell Heights. Visit their Facebook page to find out more about their menu.

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