Proposed Townhouse Development in Wavell Heights Turned Down by Council

A development application for the construction of 15 townhouses at 209 Rode Road and 27 Spence Road, Wavell Heights has been refused by the Council.

Prior to the decision, more than 100 submissions were received by the Council from local residents who were not happy about the development proposal.

As stated on the Council’s decision notice, “the proposed large-scale multiple dwelling is incongruous with the existing low  density, detached dwelling character of the locality, with no community or economic need demonstrated, that warrants a distinct and visible change in character of the locality within the life of the current planning scheme.”

Suitable Developments for Wavell Heights

Proposed development site Photo credit: Brisbane Planning and Development Online

The suburb of Wavell Heights is located between the suburbs of Chermside and Toombul. Such neighbourhoods are characterised by higher density residential development due to their proximity to Gympie Road and Northern Busway transport corridor, Brisbane North-east Rail transport corridor, Chermside Shopping Centre, and the Toombul Shopping Centre.

Since Wavell Heights is not situated near a transport corridor, a growth node, a Principal or a Major Centre, the Wavell Heights neighbourhood’s residential density and associated built form vary significantly from its neighbouring suburbs.

Photo credit: Brisbane Planning and Development Online

One of the reasons for the refusal of the proposed development is that it would result in a built form that is not suitable to the existing and intended built form character of the neighbourhood.

The Council cited that the built form of the development is more consistent with the type of development expected in the neighbouring suburbs of Chermside and Toombul.

Whilst the proposed development was refused, Wavell Heights is set to have a new Indoor Swim School as works for the development of the project has already begun.