Proposed Bus Route Connects The Gap to Northgate

Residents of Northgate may soon benefit from an enhanced public transport network, with the proposal of a new bus route connecting The Gap to Northgate.

An ambitious plan to expand Brisbane’s bus services aims to alleviate traffic congestion and offer a more convenient commuting option for locals.

Existing high frequency bus routes
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The proposed bus route seeks to bridge the gap between The Gap and Northgate, ensuring smoother travel and increased accessibility for residents in these areas.

15 new high frequency bus routes
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If implemented, this service could significantly reduce commute times and provide an alternative transportation choice for those living and working in Northgate.

This would help connect residents to local schools across the city, Greens’ candidate for Walter Taylor Ward, Michaela Sargent said.

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Photo Credit: Facebook / Michaela Sargent – (Greens) Walter Taylor ward

The envisaged bus service is slated to operate from 6:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. daily, offering buses at 10-minute intervals during peak hours and 15-minute intervals during off-peak times.

This frequency aims to cater to the diverse schedules of Northgate residents, ensuring flexibility and convenience in their daily commutes.

The introduction of this new route aligns with the broader initiative to enhance Brisbane’s bus network, intending to create 15 new bus routes and upgrade existing ones.

10 upgrades for existing routes
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The focus on facilitating direct connections between localities underscores a commitment to improve public transport accessibility for all residents, including those in Northgate.

While the proposal is part of a larger plan encompassing multiple routes and upgrades, the specific attention given to The Gap to Northgate connection signifies a strategic move to address the commuting needs of Northgate residents.

This initiative is open to public feedback, encouraging input from Northgate locals to tailor the service to their preferences and requirements.

The proposed addition of this route indicates a potential enhancement in the transportation options available to Northgate residents, potentially reducing reliance on personal vehicles and offering a more sustainable and efficient mode of travel within Brisbane’s transport network.

Published 15-December-2023