Northgate BotBuilders Shine in First Tech Challenge

Local robotics talents Blue BotBuilders and Red BotBuilders have made quite an impression at the state qualifying event of the First Tech Challenge and are now preparing to make a strong showing at the Australian Nationals.

At the state qualifying event, BotBuilders secured an impressive 2nd place in the robot game.

First Tech Challenge
Photo Credit: CrAdamAllan/Facebook

Their collaborative efforts within a strategic three-team alliance not only showcased their technical proficiency but also highlighted their teamwork and innovative spirit, earning them well-deserved recognition within the competition circuit.

First Tech Challenge
Photo Credit: CrAdamAllan/Facebook

First Tech Challenge (FTC) is a competition that demands creativity and technical finesse. Teams comprising 13- to 17-year-old students undertake the task of designing, constructing, refining, and programming a 45cm cubed robot.

This robot operates within a 3.3-meter square game field, navigating and executing specified tasks that put their technical expertise and collaborative skills to the test.

First Tech Challenge
Photo Credit: FIRST

Beyond the competitive aspect, FTC catalyses innovation and learning, encouraging students to delve into problem-solving, prototype development, and networking with industry professionals. It’s a remarkable conduit that seamlessly integrates scientific principles and engineering, offering an immersive experience for these budding innovators.

As the Australian Nationals approach, slated for the 9th and 10th of December, the entire Northgate community eagerly anticipates the BotBuilders’ upcoming performance.

Northgate Cr Adam Allan, alongside the community, has extended heartfelt well-wishes and steadfast support to these young STEM pioneers, recognizing their invaluable contributions to our region’s technological advancement and future innovation.

For residents of Northgate intrigued by robotics or eager to engage with these prodigious talents, BotBuilders eagerly welcomes inquiries and potential collaborations. Interested individuals can easily reach out to them via email at

Published 2-December-2023