Edinburgh Castle Road Park Footpath in Wavell Heights Now Completed

Access to the Edinburgh Castle Road Park in Wavell Heights just got better after the completion of a new footpath on Fourteenth Avenue, leading up to the dog park.

Councillor Adam Allan shared photos of the new footpath that will bring “an easier connection from Edinburgh Castle Road to the shared pathway further down the road.”

Families with babies on prams and people on bikes or scooters will no longer have to risk their safety as the new pathways will keep them off the roads. 

This park is part of the Shaw Estate Park connecting different community hubs. This site is home to the bowls club, the scout group, the tennis precinct,a few playground and picnic areas, the skate facility, sports complex and the dog off-leash area near Murray Duus Park. It is also near Wavell Heights Kindergarten.

The smooth pathway comes as Brisbane City Council is set to deliver 2,000 e-bikes to bring more travel options for residents and visitors alike. 

“We want more people to be getting out of their car and using active transport and the introduction of e-scooters has shown us people love e-wheeling and want more of it,” Public and Active Transport Chair Ryan Murphy said. “We are now taking the steps to open a tender for e-mobility which will introduce a shared, public-bike scheme in Brisbane.”

This move will eventually phase out the 10-year-old CityCycle in the next 12 months. 

“Residents have voted with their feet and are opting for more modern transport options, like e-scooters and it’s up to Council to continue to innovate to meet the needs of today, not 10 years ago,” Mr Murphy further said. “We’re a hot, humid, sub-tropical city so when it comes to traveling that last mile from transport hub to home, e-wheeling can make it so much more comfortable.”