97% of QLD Classes Meet Targets: Wavell Heights State School Among Few Making Minor Adjustments

Wavell Heights State School has been identified as one of the few Brisbane schools exceeding recommended class sizes set by Queensland’s Department of Education. 

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Education Queensland sets class-size targets of 25 students for Prep to Year 3. Wavell Heights State School reportedly has 26 students in these classes, just one over the recommended limit. 

An Education Queensland spokeswoman addressed the issue, stating that most classes above target were only over by one or two students.

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The spokeswoman clarified that while principals use class-size targets as guidelines when forming classes, these targets are not strict limits that must be enforced. She emphasised that the targets are meant to be flexible rather than absolute maximums.

On an encouraging note, Education Queensland reported that the vast majority of classes across the state are meeting or falling below the recommended targets, with an impressive 97 percent of classes at or under the prescribed size limits.

While Wavell Heights State School slightly exceeded the target, it’s not alone, as Salisbury State School and Mackenzie State Primary School also reported higher-than-recommended class sizes for Prep to Year 3, with average class sizes of 27 and 26 students respectively.

Interestingly, Wavell Heights State School’s Years 4 to 6 classes are within the target range, with 26 students per class against a target of 28.

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Although some experts would say that smaller isn’t always better for class sizes, the Queensland Teachers’ Union (QTU) maintains that smaller classes lead to more individual attention and improved student outcomes.

QTU emphasizes the importance of class size targets on its website, highlighting that these guidelines contribute to improved teacher-student interactions and outcomes, help manage teacher workload, and promote better health and safety conditions for both educators and students.

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As schools navigate these challenges, the impact on student learning and teacher workload remains a topic of ongoing discussion.

Published 6-July-2024