Get Your Fish and Chips Fix at Spotted Cod

For anyone craving for some fish and chips, Spotted Cod on Hamilton Road, Wavell Heights is the ultimate joint for seafood lovers out there!

Located at Shop 5, 159 Hamilton Road in Wavell Heights, Spotted Cod has been serving up local fresh seafood along with handmade burgers, chips, and fresh salads for over four years now.

Satisfy your hunger with any of these mouth-watering burgers such as the  all-time favourite Hamburger made of grilled beef, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, choice of sauce (tomato, BBQ, aioli, relish, mustard, or hot chilli). 

Other similarly satisfying options include: Steak Burger (rump steak, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, choice of sauce), Chicken Burger (grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, aioli), Firebreather (grilled chicken, lettuce, bacon, cheese, pineapple, chipotle chilli sauce), and Fish Burger (crumbed cod, lettuce, tomato, house made tartare).

Spotted Cod also offers value packs for families and friends to share and enjoy like the Family Banquet (four cod, eight calamari, four seafood bites, chips for four, and large tartare sauce).

How about a Dinner for Two?  A serving of two house fish fillets, six calamari, one small salad, two pineapple fritters, and chips for two. Other options include Seafood Frenzy (2 whiting, 2 prawn cutlets, 2 sea scallops, 6 calamari, 2 seafood sticks, Chips for two), and Fish and Chip Pack (1 cod, 3 calamari, 1 potato scallop, Chips for one).

For snacks, must try treats are Pork Spring Rolls, Pineapple Fritter, and their famous homemade ice cream sandwich, Pat and Stick’s Ice Cream Sandwich.

Spotted Cod  is open Monday to Thursday 10am – 7:30pm, Friday 10am – 8:30,  Saturday 11am – 8pm, and Sunday 11am – 7:30pm. For home delivery, you may click here to order online.

159 Hamilton Rd Wavell Heights