Greet the Morning With Delectable Baked Goodies at Flour & Chocolate Northgate

Flour & Chocolate Patisserie is a gorgeous cafe and patisserie in Northgate that has become the locals’ go-to place to enjoy relaxing moments at the outdoor verandah whilst savouring a serving or two of their yummy artisan bread and a nice warm cup of coffee.

When Kylie and Lachlan Scott opened their first bakery in Morningside in 2012, they dreamed that it would one day be at the top of customers’ minds when it comes to baked goods. Ten years down the road and two locations later, Flour & Chocolate indeed grew in popularity among the locals both in Morningside and Northgate.

Opened in January 2019, Flour & Chocolate Northgate provided them more kitchen space than their Morningside location could offer plus outdoor seating to boot, which means being able to serve baked goodies that are available daily and to even experiment and introduce new products based on customer feedback and seasonal availability. 

The result: a place where locals can find their favourite classics from bread and cakes to doughnuts and cupcakes, and discover some new, delectable varieties.

Rye walnut bread
Rye walnut bread | Photo Credit: Flour & Chocolate /
Grain, purple wheat and oat sourdough
Grain, purple wheat and oat sourdough | Flour & Chocolate /

For those looking for bread options, traditional sourdoughs (grain, purple wheat and oat sourdough; traditional white sourdough and blended sourdough) are on offer, as well as artisan bread (Baguette, Ficelle, Ciabatta and Traditional Vienna), Cheese and Garlic Cob and Brioche Rolls.

Coffee croissant
Coffee croissant | Flour&Chocolate /

Their range of croissants, meanwhile, includes Almond & Chocolate (traditional butter croissant with almond cream and studs of dark chocolate), Ham and Cheese Croissant, Pan au Chocolat (with chunks of Couverture chocolate) and Traditional Beurre Croissant.

Flour & Chocolate Northgate:  Danish selection
Danish selection | Flour&Chocolate /

Buttery Danish delights are also a must-try with yummy toppings such as Raspberry, Blueberry, Boysenberry, Apple Crumble, Salted Caramel and Apple Cinnamon as well as other seasonal flavours.

Flour & Chocolate Northgate: Ham sandwich
Ham sandwich | Flour & Chocolate /

Or satisfy your sandwich cravings with these options: Classic Egg Salad (baguette filled with house-made egg mayo mix with green oak lettuce), Ham & Brie (ham and Adelaide Hills brie, with onion marmalade on crisp Baguette) and Brekkie Sandwich (fried egg, bacon, house-made BBQ sauce, American red cheddar with aioli on Brioche Loaf). Vegetarian Sandwich, Salami Milano Special and Foccacia are popular choices as well.

Flour & Chocolate Northgate
Photo Credit: Flour&Chocolate /

As for the drinks, Flour & Chocolate offers Mocopan Italian Barista Coffee and Tielka organic teas.

Located at 78 Old Toombul Road Northgate, Flour & Chocolate is open Tuesday to Saturday from 6.30 am to 2 pm.

Flour & Chocolate Northgate | 78 Old Toombul Road, Northgate QLD 4013