Copper Wire Theft Plagues Geebung Industrial Site

Authorities are asking the public to be on high alert after a string of brazen copper wire theft cases hit an industrial site in Geebung.

According to Queensland Police reports, the site on Bilsen Road was first struck between April 24th and April 26th, with thieves making off with an undisclosed amount of valuable copper wiring. The property was then hit again in the early morning hours of May 6th.

The thieves blend in the industrial sites wearing high-vis clothing, camouflaging with construction vehicles.

Copper wire theft is considered especially dangerous, as live wires can deliver lethal electric shocks. Cutting into electrical lines also creates fire hazards that put both perpetrators and legitimate workers at great risk.

In an effort to crack down on the thefts, police are urging any witnesses who notice suspicious activity around construction sites, power substations, or other potential targets to immediately report it by calling 131 444 or going online at Anonymous tips can also be submitted to Crime Stoppers.

Published 10-May-2024

Geebung’s Platypus Packaging Founder Leaves Legacy of Hard Work

The Brisbane business community is mourning the loss of Thomas Claude Lusch, founder of Geebung’s Platypus Print Packaging, who passed away on January 3 at age 68.

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Tributes have poured in for Mr Lusch, known as “Tom” to family and friends, who built Platypus Packaging into an award-winning company over the past 40 years. He started the business in 1982 after realising there was a gap in the Queensland market for print embellishing services.

Prior to starting Platypus Packaging, Tom had recently relocated to Queensland from interstate to work for InPrint, an established printing company.

Tom in 1979, whilst working for InPrint (Photo credit:

Initially run as a hobby out of the family home in Geebung, Tom soon turned his passion into a full-time venture. Platypus Packaging grew from humble beginnings with a small handheld machine to become a leader in the industry.

“Named after the unique, egg laying marsupial, this resonated with Tom who wanted his business to be different from the rest and proudly Australian,” Platypus stated in their website

The Lusch family home at Willcott St (Photo credit:

In 1984, Tom acquired a Heidelberg Platen printing press and set it up under the family’s Willcott Street home. Having recently moved to Queensland to work for a printing company, Tom decided to turn his print shop hobby into a full-time business. He soon resigned from his job to focus on Platypus Packaging.

Tom invested in a small handheld embellishing machine, which remained in use for years as the company grew. That original machine is now displayed in the Platypus Packaging reception area, representing the humble beginnings of Tom’s ultimately very successful printing venture. 

Platypus packaging
Photo credit:

Tom’s son Aaron said his father was diagnosed with cancer in late 2021, then tested positive for COVID-19 shortly after Christmas last year. Even whilst battling health issues, Tom remained dedicated to the company he started decades ago.

Photo credit: Tom Lusch/Facebook 

In addition to his business accomplishments, Tom is remembered for his community spirit and generosity. He was a keen AFL fan who helped local clubs like the Wilston Grange Gorillas over the years.

Friends and family will gather for Tom’s funeral service on January 12 to celebrate his life and contributions. He leaves behind a legacy as a hardworking founder who turned his printing passion into a uniquely Australian success story.

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Published 12-January-2024 

Top Brisbane Surgeon Crafts Whiskies at Geebung Distillery

By day, Dr Martin Wood is a top neurosurgeon, performing delicate brain and spinal surgery at Mater Hospital Hospital. Come weekends, however, he trades his surgical scrubs for a distiller’s apron, retreating to his boutique distillery in Geebung to craft small-batch single malt whiskies and spirits. 

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The Scottish-born surgeon, who grew up appreciating fine whisky, established Kitty Hawk Distillery in 2017 with his wife Nicole and business partners Andrew and Natalie Vann. 

“When the craft distilling scene began to grow here in Australia, it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss,” he said.

Dr Wood (Photo credit: Annette Dew)

“I have always loved making things and demystifying the process by which things are created, prepared or assembled.

He uses traditional techniques to produce small-batch spirits like gin, apple brandy and whisky matured in barrels to develop complex flavours.

Dr Wood’s creations are winning approval from discerning drinkers, with new releases being snapped up before they are even advertised. 

His Flyer single malt pays homage to the Wright brothers’ first powered aircraft, whilst the Byron Double is finished in rum casks from a distillery in Byron Bay.

“Everything in the distillery is done by hand – the distilling, barrelling, bottling, labelling. It is a laborious but very rewarding process.

“Our focus at this stage is on providing small-batch, high-quality spirits for the local Australian market.”

For Dr Wood, distilling is a “passion project” and a creative outlet from his intense neurosurgery work. But he also hopes to put Brisbane-made whisky on the map as a premium product that can rival offerings from other regions.

“We are determined to show that great aged spirits can be produced in a hot climate like ours in Brisbane,” he said. The surgeon brings an exacting, meticulous approach to his hobby, ensuring every step is done by hand for the highest quality and consistency.

So whilst Dr Wood spends his working days performing painstaking surgery inside people’s heads, he unwinds by hand-crafting his own “surgical spirit” – proof that sometimes life’s passions can come from unexpected places.

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Dr Wood’s Kitty Hawk spirits are currently available for purchase online and at select bottle shops and bars in Brisbane. The distillery also ships products directly to customers within Queensland and interstate.


Published 19-September-2023

Ellison Estate Geebung Redevelopment Underway

Work is progressing on the demolition of a Geebung industrial site to give way to the construction of sized warehouses with offices within the new Ellison Estate.

Taylor Ellis Architecture is building the warehouse with ancillary offices or tenancies across five new buildings that will be constructed in two stages. The plans also include car parks with loading and maneuvering areas. 

Development Directive, the planners of this project, said that the development will be able to maximise the “economic and employment generating focus for Geebung” and use the industrial land efficiently. 

Ellison Estate
Photo Credit: Development Directive
Ellison Estate
Photo Credit: Development Directive

“The proposed development has been architecturally designed to contribute to a modern and accessible industrial precinct with services and amenity provided for workers. The built form, siting and height of the proposed warehouse is consistent and harmonious with the established built form and uses which surround the site,” the planners stated. 

The warehouses have a combined ground floor area of more than 53,000 square metres for e-commerce and speciality traders. 

DA A005921165 was approved in less than six months.  

Starting Soon! Wavell Heights and Geebung FOGO Pilot Collection Rolling Out

Brisbane’s pilot Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) program is set to roll out in selected streets across the city, including Wavell Heights and Geebung, with the first collection service taking place on 8 March 2022. 

The FOGO pilot will cover a total of 6,000 households in an effort to reduce the impact of food wastes in landfills. Wastes collected for this initiative will be processed and transformed into compost for various farms, urban gardens, and public spaces in Brisbane.

Residents who will join the pilot will receive their FOGO caddy in mid-February. Contents of this caddy should be emptied out in their green waste bin every one to three days. However, those who are already composting may also use the contents for their own gardens.

The below streets in Wavell Heights and Geebung will be included in the pilot phase. Participating in the FOGO program is free and separate from the existing green waste recycling service. 

Photo Credit: BCC

FOGO pilot participants, however, must take note to exclude food wastes like dairy products (yoghurt, cheese, ice cream, all milk types), meat products (bones, red and white meat), and seafood in the FOGO bin. 

Acceptable food wastes include fruit and vegetable scraps, leftover food scraps (cooked and uncooked except meat), tea leaves, tea bags, coffee grounds, eggshells, and mouldy bread, cereal, pasta, rice or grains. 

Photo Credit: BCC

Residents are encouraged to clean their caddy with every use as it’s dishwasher safe and made from recyclable materials designed to be rinsed and reused.

For more information about the FOGO pilot, phone Council via 07 3403 8888.

Why Buying or Dropping Off Used Goods at the Geebung Tip Shop is a Rewarding Experience

Do you know what Geebung locals do to help save the Earth? If you drop by Prosperity Place during the weekend, you’ll find a crowd either buying used goods or dropping off their second-hand items to donate at the Geebung Tip Shop.

This charity recycling discount store has an enormous selection of books, artworks, houseware, furnishing, old clothes and shoes, children’s items and toys, sporting equipment and other tools, and decent collectibles that have no more use for other people.

But as they say, someone’s trash can be someone else’s treasure, and there are heaps of these at this huge warehouse.

Items sold at the Geebung Tip Shop might be second-hand but these are still in good working condition. The store also ensures that the donations are clean and still useful. Instead of going to the landfills to rot and waste away, these things can still benefit a lot of families, especially those looking for a bargain.

Photo Credit: Geebung Tip Shop/Facebook
Photo Credit: Geebung Tip Shop/Facebook
Photo Credit: Geebung Tip Shop/Facebook
Photo Credit: Geebung Tip Shop/Facebook

Open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday, Geebung Tip Shop is managed by the Endeavour Foundation, a long-standing organisation that supports people with intellectual disability.

So, when you buy stuff at the Tip Shop, you’re not just helping reduce landfill waste where many second-hand items go. Essentially, you’re also supporting a group that cares for the health and well-being of disadvantaged individuals. The profit from the store funds the services the foundation renders for its beneficiaries like life skills training and therapy.

Thus, shopping or donating at the Geebung Tip Shop can be rewarding in three ways:

  1. You’re helping reduce clutter in your home and at the landfills.
  2. You’re helping individuals with a disability.
  3. You’re scoring a bargain and saving money.  

Experience Restorative Healing with aromaZen Vibrational Medicine in Geebung

Vibrational medicine focuses on a person’s energy to heal what ails her body and mind and you may experience and learn about this practice by joining an aromaZen session with The Emotions Alchemist Kerrie MacDonald in Geebung.

If you’re curious about what goes on during aromaZen, head to Lauren Street, a kilometre off Main Avenue in Wavell Heights, on Tuesday, the 23rd of April 2019.

The restorative healing session will start at 6:45 p.m. but it’s best to arrive a few minutes earlier so that you can set up your space.

During aromaZen, Ms MacDonald will guide you on how to properly meditate and balance your chakra with the help of Tibetan bowls, chimes, and crystals. You will also be more aware of the energy from your senses as you get a whiff of the doTERRA oils or hear the sound of the Owl Medicine Drum.

Photo Credit: Fuhrer/Pixabay

These elements relax and synchronize your brain waves thus allowing for healing. It also reduces your stress and anxiety as you connect on a deeper level with your body.

Bring a yoga mat, some cushions, and a blanket to use while you meditate. Booking is required for $30.

“I had the most amazing afternoon with Kerrie on Saturday. Extremely interesting to listen to, very experienced and knowledgeable at what she does. The hours flew by and I really didn’t want to leave. I felt healing had taken place. I was in a better place. I felt very comfortable with Kerrie. She was very welcoming and listened to what I had to say. was able to answer all my questions with ease. Loved the meditation session. I loved your passion and compassion. Came away buzzing. Thank you, Kerrie.”

~ Mel Rodwell, via Facebook 

Geebung Train Station on Track to Increase Park and Ride Spaces

Park ‘n’ ride spaces at Geebung train station will soon see a much needed expansion, thanks to a commitment by the State Government to add over 2,300 park and ride spaces across Southeast Queensland.

The Geebung park and ride facility will get funds amounting to $3.1 million to increase the number of parking slots from 36 to 106. Detailed planning started in mid-2018, and currently, the expansion project is in the consultation stage.

The park and ride expansion is part of the $114-million election promise of the Palaszczuk government.

“This investment will make it even easier for customers to access public transport which will in turn reduce road congestion,” Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said.

“The commitment will add about 2,300 new car parks to the more than 30,000 spaces already available for commuters across South East Queensland.

“Park ‘n’ ride facilities are an important element of the transport network and, when delivered in the right locations, allow customers to connect with high frequency public transport where walking, cycling and connecting public transport options are limited.”

Other train stations that will get a piece of the funding include Virginia train station, which will see an increase from 20 to 70 spaces. The Eight Mile Plains bus station will see park and ride spaces increasing from 858 to 1.058.

The biggest expansion will happen at Springfield Central train station, which will increase park ‘n’ ride spaces from 492 to 1,142.

Queensland’s peak motoring body approved of the expansion plans as this would relieve choking of local streets.

For more information on public transport, go to the Translink website at