Golden Circle: A Sweet Legacy Rooted in Northgate

Long before Golden Circle became a household name across Australia, its roots were firmly planted in Northgate. In 1947, the suburb welcomed the opening of the company’s first canning factory, an event that would forever etch Golden Circle’s name in the records of Queensland’s pineapple industry and the nation’s food heritage.

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The grand opening of the Northgate facility on 28 October 1947, was a significant event, attended by 1,500 people, including 500 fruit growers from the Sunshine Coast who arrived on a special train. 

The then Premier of Queensland, the Hon Edward Hanlon, officially inaugurated the factory, which was initially named ‘Queensland Tropical Fruit Products,’ with ‘Golden Circle’ serving as their brand name.

Golden Circle
Pineapple cannery under construction at Northgate, 1946 (Photo credit: State Library of Queensland)

Since its inception, the Northgate factory has been the heart of Golden Circle’s operations, processing and canning a wide range of fruits and vegetables, from iconic pineapples to an array of other produce. 

Process workers at work at the Golden Circle cannery in Northgate (Photo credit: Brisbane John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland)

Over the years, the company’s product line has diversified, now encompassing fruit cordials, juices, carbonated beverages, and baby food, but the Northgate facility remains the company’s main production hub.

Photo credit: Queensland State Archives, Digital Image ID 1076737

Golden Circle, once one of the few remaining Australian-owned food companies, was acquired by international corporations. In 2007, Coca-Cola Amatil made a conditional bid to acquire 100 percent of the company’s shares. 

However, in 2008, Heinz launched a competing takeover bid, offering $1.65 per share, totaling $288 million. This bid was deemed attractive by Golden Circle’s chairman, Phillip Cave, especially given the challenging economic conditions at the time. 

Photo credit: The Pineapple Pantry by Golden Circle/Google Maps

Ultimately, Heinz’s takeover bid succeeded, and the acquisition was finalised on 19 December 19 2008, marking Golden Circle’s transition from an Australian farmer-owned company to an international ownership.

Whilst Golden Circle’s ownership has changed hands over the years, most recently acquired by Heinz in 2008, the brand’s connection to Northgate remains a point of pride for the company and the local community. The factory’s presence has been a constant in the area, providing employment opportunities and contributing to the suburb’s identity.

Golden Circle factory at Northgate, 2008 (Photo credit: CC BY 3.0/Enya2008/Wikimedia Commons)

In 2023, Golden Circle revived its Pineapple Pantry at Earnshaw Road, offering locals a unique opportunity to purchase select products from the company’s extensive range at discounted prices. The in-store offerings vary weekly, featuring items nearing their best-before date, product lines discontinued from supermarkets, or surplus inventory.

Photo credit: The Pineapple Pantry by Golden Circle/Google Maps

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Today, Golden Circle’s Northgate facility stands as a testament to the company’s rich history and its deep-rooted ties to Brisbane. As the brand continues to evolve and expand its reach, the Northgate canning factory remains a cherished landmark, reminding Australians of the company’s humble beginnings and its commitment to quality and innovation.

Published 17-May-2024

Massive Discounts as The Golden Circle Pineapple Pantry Re-Opens in Northgate

On the hunt for budget-friendly but top-quality grocery items? Did you know that the popular discount store, The Golden Circle Pineapple Pantry, has re-opened in Northgate?

Several years ago, mums frequented The Golden Circle Pineapple Pantry for good deals on a range of non-perishable goods.

With its return at Brisbane’s northside, families will again be able to shop for surplus products, pulled-out goods from larger retailers, or items that may be nearing their “best before date”.

Items on offer vary every week but budget-conscious shoppers can definitely score bargains like $2 for a dozen yoghurt pouches or 50c for a large juice box. All foods sold at the pantry are guaranteed safe to consume. 

The Golden Circle Pineapple Pantry
Photo Credit: The Pineapple Pantry/Facebook

“Golden Circle has been a major employer and training company in Banyo for decades. There are employees there who are third generation and some who have spent their whole career at the company,” Cr Adam Allan said

The Golden Circle Pineapple Pantry will be open at limited times only but the store is exploring changes to its trading day or time. 

  • Wednesday and Thursday from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
  • Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Currently, there are no plans to open a restaurant on-site similar to the one they used to have.

Golden Circle recently celebrated its 75th anniversary.  Follow the Facebook page for updates.