‘H20 Kids’ Taps Online Channel to Keep Learning Flowing

H20 Kids, a school education program designed to increase water literacy and knowledge, is being uploaded online to support student learning during the coronavirus pandemic response. 

Seqwater is working with the state education department and other providers to shift its current program to an online format, with many students learning from home amidst COVID-19 restrictions.

The program has been developed for schools to teach students about water, its importance, and how it is managed as a precious natural resource. 

Brisbane 5-yr-olds Marlon Ballin and Isabelle Ablitt. (Photo supplied.)

Seqwater Chief Executive Officer Neil Brennan said since H2O Kids was launched in late-2018, the program had already been delivered to more than 50,000 students across SEQ.

“H2O Kids takes students through the water story, the natural and urban water cycle, the role of catchments, how we use water and the future of water,” Mr Brennan said.

“It offers a suite of experiences and resources for teachers and students, from Prep to Year 12, with school excursions, projects, classroom activities, and information – all linked to the Australian Curriculum.  

“Normally the program offers school-based incursions and excursions to support classroom learning however while social distancing measures remain in place, we’ve had to adapt face-to-face learning to an online environment.”

Wavell Heights brothers Coen Ballin 3, and Marlin Ballin, 5, learn about the water cycle via Seqwater’s H2O Kids program . (Photo supplied.)

Mr Brennan said Seqwater was now offering H2O Kids online, with videos and downloadable resources available via its website to support distance-learning and allow water education to continue.

“Although we can no longer deliver water education through our traditional face-to-face method, we have moved quickly to ensure we can continue to reach students through a whole new and exciting medium,” Mr Brennan said.

Ava Hall (14) and Charlotte Balke (12) of Wavell Heights. (Photo supplied.)

“Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders and education plays a vital role in providing students with the knowledge, passion, and determination to make a real difference in the world”.

The new online content will include a series of online videos to substitute class incursions, downloadable resources such as activity sheets. Students will also have the option of booking 30-minute online interactive lessons hosted by Seqwater’s Education Team. 

New resources will be available at www.seqwater.com.au/education . Schools and teachers can book interactive lessons via education@seqwater.com.au. 

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