Wavell School Creates New Donation Drive for Homeless Connect Event

Students from Wavell State High School have set up a donation drive for Brisbane’s homeless population through Homeless Connect.

Students from the Wavell State High School first set up the drive on the 20th of May 2021, striving to connect the homeless as well as those at risk of homelessness with support services. They provided homeless people across Brisbane with donated items gathered from their families, eager to give new or unused tools, clothing, food and other objects for those who really need them.  

About Homeless Connect

Homeless Connect is a regular event hosted by the Council, created to improve the quality of life for all Brisbane residents by providing them with a wide range of benefits.

Some of these benefits include receiving free services from volunteer medical and allied health care professionals, or housing support and community support. Those without homes can even receive free haircuts from volunteer barbers, as well as immunisation from the Council’s immunisation team. 

Other goods and services provided by the event include personal grooming items for self care such as toothbrushes, shampoo and deodorant, as well as clothing and shoes for both adults and children. Food and entertainment are also given to people without homes, or those at risk of losing their homes.

Homeless Connect has helped over 18,580 people since it first launched in November 2006.