Kerbside Collection: Consider Donating Your Old Items to These Organisations

Wavell Heights Kerbside Collection is just around the corner. If you have items for the collection that others can still use, you may consider donating them to any of these not-for-profit organisations.

First off, Kerbside Collection will be coming to Wavell Heights on 7 November 2022. If you haven’t yet done so, you may start gathering up your acceptable items for collection including bath and laundry tubs, bicycles and sporting equipment, carpet and rugs, electronic waste* (e.g. televisions and computers), furniture and white goods (e.g. fridges and stoves), small household appliances (e.g. fans and toasters) and wood products less than 1.5 metres.

Residents are advised to place all acceptable materials for collection on the kerbside the weekend before the collection starts. These items should be on the kerbside in front of your home by 6 am at the start of the collection period.

However, if any of your items can still be fixed or upcycled but you don’t have the skills or time for it, you can donate them instead to any of these not-for-profit organisations that can find other uses for them.


This not-for-profit organisation serves as a link between the communities in urgent need of essential items and those who have and are willing to donate. GIVIT was established in 2019 by Juliette Wright. Their platform allows charities to make potential donors aware of what items are currently needed by the individuals they support.

Kerbside Collection: Consider Donating Your Old Items to These Organisations
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Charitable Recycling Australia

Charitable Recycling Australia proudly supports the circular economy transition through charitable reuse and recycling. With the help of member enterprises who provide their decades of expertise in collecting and selling donated goods, the organisation has been extending the life of about 285 million products each year and pioneering the concept of circularity even before it was officially named.

Treasure Troves

Council currently operates two second-hand shops which sell donated items for Brisbane residents. The items come from BCC’s resource recovery centres. 

Brisbane City Council’s Treasure Troves are open from 8 am to 4 pm every weekend (excluding Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day when these days fall on a weekend.

These shops are located at 46 Colebard Street West in Acacia Ridge and at 27A Prosperity Place in Geebung.

The resource recovery centres are located here:

  • Chandler Resource Recovery Centre, 728 Tilley Road, Chandler
  • Ferny Grove Resource Recovery Centre, 101 Upper Kedron Road, Ferny Grove
  • Nudgee Resource Recovery Centre, 1372 Nudgee Road, Nudgee Beach
  • Willawong Resource Recovery Centre, 360 Sherbrooke Road, Willawong

Get Rid of Bulky Items On This Year’s Wavell Heights Kerbside Collection Day

Kerbside Collection for Wavell Heights is almost here. Happening on Monday, the 7th of August, this is the perfect time for you to get rid of your clutter and those bulky items that need to go.

Before you do, there are some things that you should keep in mind.


There’s a Limit

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Getting rid of your bulky items for Kerbside Collection day seems to be the best idea. However, you should know that the Brisbane City Council has a limit for this. The Council will only collect items less than two cubic meters. Items above that will not be accepted anymore. Take it easy on the items. If it’s not going to work for Kerbside, try to donate it instead or drop it off at a Recovery Centre.


Keep It Organized

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Since you’re throwing away bulk items, make sure that everything is still organised. This is why it is best to start early – a week or even weeks before your Kerbside Collection date is the best time to pack up things especially you have so much stuff to let go of. Pack them all neatly in boxes and keep them organized.


Keep Your Kerb Neat & Tidy

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You may be putting items you no longer need by the kerb, but that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to make a mess outside. Keep your items, boxes and other pieces of furniture organised outside. Remember that your items need to be out on the kerb this weekend!


There Is a List of Non-Acceptable & Acceptable Items

Check out this link to see what items are acceptable and what aren’t. Unacceptable items will be left by the kerb by the council and if the item/s remains by the kerb within seven days after the collection date, the council will fine you.

Some of your bulky items may not be accepted by the council due to its size. In case this happens, the best place to go is to check out Recovery Centres in the following areas:

Make the most out of this year’s Kerbside Collection to get rid of the clutter in your home.