To Bob or Not to Bob in 2018: Where to Get A New Hairstyle in Wavell Heights

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, donned a new look on the 13th of November with her faux bob during the Remembrance Sunday Service which she attended with other members of the royal family.

US reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” fame also debuted a shorter hairstyle in the same day in a new photo she uploaded on her Instagram account.

don’t worry, i ordered a new phone case last night

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With this two influential style icons sporting the bob just a few short months before the New Year, is 2018 going to be the year for the “short, but sweet” hairstyle again?

Here are hair salons in Wavell Heights that can help the ladies out in deciding whether to bob or not to bob.

Eltajada Hair Face Body

This salon has just rebranded after 20 years in service. At present, it offers full hairdressing services – colouring, foiling, balayage, upstyling, and other hair treatments. The owners have also added two new beauty rooms where clients are treated to a complete day spa experience for unwinding and relaxing.

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Katrina’s Beauty Works

The salon now boasts a total of 10 branches across Queensland. It also currently employs 100 hair and beauty experts.

Its services, however, are not limited to styling alone. It also operates two schools under the programme called Katrina’s School of Hair & Beauty. Trainers and staff under the programme have been behind the success of hundreds of students. The business even offers various online courses that interested students across Australia can take. The school is a registered training organisation and all courses are nationally recognised.


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Cameo Rose Hair Boutique

This salon boasts of personalised service and promises to pamper not just the ladies, but men and toddlers as well. Its stylists are also trained to give professional advice on latest hair trends.

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Why go for the bob?

Short Hair
Credit: CCO Public Domain / Engin_Akyurt/ Pixabay

Cutting one’s hair short has always been perceived as a bold move among ladies. It has always been associated with “freedom” and getting a haircut has been informally regarded as a way of symbolically letting go of heartaches and other distressing life experiences. Many have attested that it can be liberating and can boost a women’s confidence.

Aesthetically, short hair can emphasize delicate and commonly unnoticed features of the face, as well as the neck and the collarbone. It can make women look years younger than their actual age.

Short hair also proves to be economical. It can save women on expensive hair products. It is also time-efficient as fewer tangles mean less time preparing. Bobs and other short styles also dry much quicker and are perfect for those looking for a wash-and-wear style.