Upbeat Arts Promotes Mental Health With Brand New Choir in Wavell Heights

Upbeat Arts has launched its brand new choir in North Brisbane (Wavell Heights). Their programs are tailored to provide people who are marginalised and experiencing mental health challenges with a platform to connect with the community and gain their confidence back.

On 20 April 2022, Upbeat Arts launched their Absolutely Everybody Choir – North Brisbane which is now rehearsing every Wednesday from 10 am to 12.30 pm. The North Brisbane Choir is led by conductor Melissa Gill.

Upbeat Arts has been at the forefront of providing “social prescription” to adults who are marginalised due to their mental health issues since 2014. They provide a safe and fun environment where members participate with like-minded people in non-medical activities including choir, creative writing, music theatre and songwriting.

“Studies show that a hearty session of creativity can equate to a good physical workout and stimulate the body, mind and spirit! We’ve developed, piloted and currently run a wide range of innovative arts programs including choral, drama, instrumental and creative writing.” 

Upbeat Arts

Aided through Queensland Health’s funding, Upbeat Arts holds five art programs per week: three in South Brisbane, one in North Brisbane and one online for Qld residents. 

Upbeat Arts Queensland Programs include:

  • Absolutely Everybody Choir – North Brisbane 
  • Absolutely Everybody Choir – South Brisbane

The Choir rehearses on Friday mornings with conductor Melissa Gill and accompanist Richard Thayil. 

  • Word on the Street (Creative Writing)

In partnership with Queensland Writers Centre, the creative writing course covers poetry, letters, short-form writing, spoken word and storytelling. Award-winning author Claire Christian handles each session.

  • Word on the Street ONLINE (Creative Writing)

The program is exclusive to Queensland residents. Members have the opportunity to submit their work and be included in the annual Upbeat Arts’ Word on the Street publication. 

  • Song School (Song Writing)

The program helps members develop an appreciation of the form of a song and develop songwriting skills as well as improve their vocal skills.

Apart from Queensland, Upbeat also operates in Victoria and New South Wales. Click here to apply for free membership in one of their programs.