How to Konmari Your Home Before the Kerbside Collection in Wavell Heights

This year’s kerbside collection in Wavell Heights will be on 19 August 2019. It’s the perfect time to get organised or if you’re following the trend, declutter the KonMari way.

The KonMari Method, “is a system of simplifying and organizing your home by getting rid of physical items that do not bring joy into your life.” But how are you going to do that with furniture or big-ticket items? It’s not so easy to get rid of them especially if you have sentimental attachments to lots of stuff. Here are our tips to finally let go of large household items minus the guilt:

Focus on things that spark joy. 

“The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.”

Marie Kondo

Is your couch broken and unfixable? Then there’s no point in keeping it. It’s also not a good idea to donate it to charity because they will only be spending dollars just to send those rubbish to landfill. 

If your large household items can no longer be donated or recycled, dispose of them during the kerbside collection. Make sure to place them on the kerbside in front of your property by 6:00 am on the first day of the collection period.

Find a good home for items in good condition.

You might have stuff that are in still in good condition but you’re no longer using them. Perhaps you have a bike or sport equipment just sitting in the corner of your garage. Instead of throwing them away, make an effort to find a good home for them. Organisations like GIVIT and NACRO welcome large household items in usable condition. 

Aside from dropping them off to charities, you can also sell them to second-hand furniture shops, antique stores, or to marketplaces like Gumtree, Cash Converters, and eBay.

Invest in high-quality items next time.

Are you planning to get rid of certain items because they no longer serve their purpose? Broken appliances can be repaired but if the costs of repair are more than half the price of buying a new one than it’s better to replace them.

Brisbane City Council’s kerbside collection accepts electronic waste like televisions and computers as well as small household appliances like fans and toasters. 

If you’re participating in this year’s kerbside collection for Wavell Heights, don’t forget to download Brisbane bin and recycling app to be informed about bin collections and to receive notifications when your bins will be collected.