Seeing Eye Dogs Australia Need North Brisbane Residents Pet Carers

Are you a dog-loving Wavell Heights or North Brisbane resident with a secured yard? Would you be willing to take in a puppy for training with Seeing Eye Dogs Australia and Vision Australia for at least 15 months?

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia and Vision Australia are in need of pet carers who can become an important part of a puppy’s development and training as an animal who will help vision-impaired individuals once they mature.

The program is open to willing individuals who will temporarily welcome eight-week-old pups in their home and help them learn social skills to prepare them for their huge task ahead. The carers must also be willing to take the pup for basic training or group training, as needed.

Photo Credit: Seeing Eye Dogs Australia/Facebook

Seeing Eye Dogs defines puppy carers as someone who will:

  • Provide a loving home and to nurture a Seeing Eye Dogs puppy
  • Help to socialise them
  • Teach them basic skills such as toilet training, to sit, and to walk nicely on a lead

It would be an advantage for older puppies to have a carer who could take them for long walks and travel on public transport.

Vision Australia will provide pet carers with the puppy’s needs for a full year, such as food, veterinary care, collar, lead, and other essentials. The service company has six-month and modified training programs but slots are currently full.

To join, sign and submit the online form. If you know someone who might want to be a puppy carer but is not living in North Brisbane, they may send an email to for consideration. 

All applications will be evaluated, while properties will be inspected virtually.