Mercer Park in Wavell Heights Unveils New Pump Track and Family Hub

After the completion of extensive works in the first quarter of 2024, Mercer Park in Wavell Heights now features a new pump track, family hub, and other park facilities.

Read: Work Begins at Mercer Park Pump Track and Family Hub in Wavell Heights

The highlight of these improvements is the much-anticipated pump track, designed to cater to the local community and active travel users of all ages and skill levels. 

Photo credit: David Defranceski/Google Maps 

The comprehensive upgrades at Mercer Park were not limited to the pump track. The park now boasts a family hub and several other new facilities aimed at enhancing the visitor experience. Here’s a closer look at what’s new:

  • External Scooter and Bike Features: The park’s footpath is now dotted with various new elements, including a side ramp, moguls, boulders, a circle tunnel, and a squiggle obstacle, providing an adventurous route for scooter and bike enthusiasts.
  • Picnic Shelter and Barbeque: A new picnic shelter equipped with barbeque facilities and additional seating offers a perfect spot for family gatherings and social events.
  • Upgraded Park Amenities: The installation of new drinking fountains and enclosed bins enhances convenience and cleanliness for all park visitors.
  • Double Cableway Flying Fox: A new double cableway flying fox promises thrilling rides for both children and adults.
  • Upgraded Pathways: Improved pathways ensure better connectivity and accessibility throughout the park.
  • Enhanced Landscaping: Additional tree and garden bed plantings contribute to a more pleasant and visually appealing environment.
Photo credit: Drift Mann/Google Maps

The family hub and other new park facilities, whose construction began in October 2023, were officially opened for public use in late March 2024. This marks the completion of a significant phase in the park’s development, providing a robust infrastructure for community engagement and outdoor activities.

Meanwhile, significant upgrades were also completed at Shaw Estate Park, which included the development of stage one’s family hub. This project, which began last October and concluded in late March, focused on enhancing various parts of the park and improving connectivity to Mercer Park.

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With the new facilities now open, Mercer Park and Shaw Estate Park stand as premier examples of how thoughtful park design and strategic improvements can positively impact local communities. Whether you’re an avid cyclist, a family looking for a weekend outing, or someone who enjoys a leisurely walk amidst nature, these parks offer something for everyone.

Published 24-June-2024 

Work Begins at Mercer Park Pump Track and Family Hub in Wavell Heights

A pump track. Flying fox. New scooter and bike elements. Family hub area and more. A series of dynamic park improvements are expected to transform Shaw Estate Park and Mercer Park in Wavell Heights.

Pending favourable weather and site conditions, the plans to transform Shaw Estate Park and Mercer Park will be moving forward to the construction phase, with work on the projects at Mercer Park scheduled to commence in mid-August 2023.

This initiative is part of an overarching Council strategy to enhance and maintain over 2,100 parks across the city.

The addition of a BMX/pump track is part of the Brisbane Off-Road Cycling Strategy, developed through extensive community consultation and was released to the public in late 2021. This track will provide an exciting venue for cyclists of all skill levels. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

The new features will be integrated along the unique path connecting Mercer Park and Wavell Park, parallel to Benelong Street. This scenic route will be enriched with additional amenities, and the Benelong Bushcare Group, an integral part of the area’s natural landscape, can also be found along this path.

Mercer Park Pump Track
Photo Credit: BCC

The Shaw Estate Park upgrades, set to start construction in late October 2023 and completed in early 2024, will feature a range of enhancements to various sections of the park, such as improved seating, landscaping, picnic nodes, and unique scooter and bike trick nodes. These additions aim to create a more engaging and dynamic recreational space.

Speaking about the projects, Cr Adam Allan expressed his satisfaction at the initiation of the works. He acknowledged the community’s desire for a BMX facility and the importance of addressing it through the Shaw Estate Park Family Hub and Mercer Park Pump Track project.

He said that the venture comes as a response to young enthusiasts creating makeshift BMX facilities in the Shaw Park bushland, inadvertently causing habitat destruction. 

The Family Hub will complement the existing amenities near the BMX Pump Track, enriching the play options available.

Those interested in learning more about the project can contact the dedicated project team during business hours or the Council outside business hours.

Published 9-Aug-2023