Northgate Starbucks With Drive-thru Gets the Green Light

Something’s brewing at the corner of Toombul Rd and Holland St in Northgate, where a new Starbucks cafe with drive-thru may soon be built.

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This comes after a ‘fast food outlet with drive-thru,’ presented as Starbucks in the planning documents, was given the green light by Council in early 2022. 

Plans indicate that the Starbucks restaurant will measure 200 sqm. The establishment will be housed in a single-storey building with an alfresco area, provision for single-lane drive-through, and boundary landscaping.

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

In addition to a pedestrian pathway to Holland Rd, the developers are planning to provide shared car parking spaces and a shared loading bay.

The upcoming establishment in Northgate forms part of a bigger plan which includes an existing service station, and two more buildings earmarked for the research and technology industry.

starbucks northgate
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

Planners stated in the application that the placement of the approved Starbucks venue, which will be on the northeast corner of the site, is in accordance with traffic advice. It will ensure safe pedestrian and vehicle manoeuvring is achieved, whilst maximising efficiency for the development.

toombul road
Proposed floor plan (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council)

In 2020, developers applied for a material change of use and reconfiguration of one lot into two at 185 Toombul Rd, Northgate. The reconfiguration of the lot, however, was not carried out.

Based on the amended proposal, the applicant is seeking a reconfiguration of one lot into two, to separate the Service Station with its associated reciprocal easements.

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As part of the development, the applicants demolished the Northgate Foundry building on site, which occupied the space since the 1950s.

The proposed development will include 86 car parking spaces, with four for PWD along with eight fuel pump spaces.

Further details about the recently approved development can be viewed at Council’s PD Online, with the reference A005868233.