Locals Welcome Proposed Cannery Creek Sewer Upgrade

Locals welcomed a ‘nature-based solution’ which will address overflow at the Northgate and Banyo catchment during wet weather events and manage the impacts of heavy rain in neighbouring areas.

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The Wetland Concept Design by Urban Utilities will see the Cannery Creek watercourse improved through overflow corridor pathway network and seating, ponding, rehabilitation of the creek beds, and creating small dams that will allow cleaned water to pass.

The proposed sewer upgrade will naturally treat the overflow water before entering the creek. This will address the existing issue in the community, wherein raw sewerage would mix with stormwater and flow into the creek corridor.

For years, locals have raised awareness about the issue through community meetings, based on Council records and online petitions hoping to address the problem.

Photo credit: urbanutilities.com

“Finally…glad something is being done but this has been a horrendous display of delayed action after issues raised well over 8 years ago,” said one member at the 4013 Cannery Creek Environmental Issues group.

This led Urban Utilities to form a community planning team to work with external experts, landscape architects and stormwater treatment specialists who will help design the creek corridor.

Photo credit: Urban Utilities/YouTube

It was one of the two options considered by the team at Urban Utilities, with the other one involving the creation of larger, more expensive pipes which is a traditional approach.

The $65 million project nature-based approach has been chosen, as it will not only reduce wet weather overflows and improve the health of Cannery Creek, but would also enhance liveability in the local area.

Photo credit: urbanutilities.com

A new sewerage pump station has been proposed as part of the project. It will act as a standby pump station to minimise flows from the nearby sewer main during extreme weather events.

Site establishment and construction of the Cannery Creek Sewer Upgrade is anticipated to start in July 2022. The initial project activities will start on Station Avenue, where the temporary site compound will be set up. 

To stay updated about the project, visit Urban Utilities’ website.