Why Buying or Dropping Off Used Goods at the Geebung Tip Shop is a Rewarding Experience

Do you know what Geebung locals do to help save the Earth? If you drop by Prosperity Place during the weekend, you’ll find a crowd either buying used goods or dropping off their second-hand items to donate at the Geebung Tip Shop.

This charity recycling discount store has an enormous selection of books, artworks, houseware, furnishing, old clothes and shoes, children’s items and toys, sporting equipment and other tools, and decent collectibles that have no more use for other people.

But as they say, someone’s trash can be someone else’s treasure, and there are heaps of these at this huge warehouse.

Items sold at the Geebung Tip Shop might be second-hand but these are still in good working condition. The store also ensures that the donations are clean and still useful. Instead of going to the landfills to rot and waste away, these things can still benefit a lot of families, especially those looking for a bargain.

Photo Credit: Geebung Tip Shop/Facebook
Photo Credit: Geebung Tip Shop/Facebook
Photo Credit: Geebung Tip Shop/Facebook
Photo Credit: Geebung Tip Shop/Facebook

Open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday, Geebung Tip Shop is managed by the Endeavour Foundation, a long-standing organisation that supports people with intellectual disability.

So, when you buy stuff at the Tip Shop, you’re not just helping reduce landfill waste where many second-hand items go. Essentially, you’re also supporting a group that cares for the health and well-being of disadvantaged individuals. The profit from the store funds the services the foundation renders for its beneficiaries like life skills training and therapy.

Thus, shopping or donating at the Geebung Tip Shop can be rewarding in three ways:

  1. You’re helping reduce clutter in your home and at the landfills.
  2. You’re helping individuals with a disability.
  3. You’re scoring a bargain and saving money.