Vicki Corser of Wavell Heights’ Gallery Fifty One Held First Solo Exhibit in Singapore

Contemporary Impressionist Vicki Corser from Wavell Heights’ Gallery Fifty One held her first solo exhibit in Singapore at the Australian High Commission in Singapore. To commemorate the momentous occasion, she created her largest piece to date.

Contemporary Impressionist Vicki Corser
Credit: Gallery Fifty One Facebook

Ms Corser grew up in Queensland. The abundant flora and fauna around her developed her natural affinity for vibrant colours. This love for vivid hues gives her paintings a distinct mark that is recognizably hers and hers alone.

She has grown famous for painting colourful landscapes. Her pieces are always brimming with the rich palettes of turquoise greens, bright pinks and oranges. Her art has always been crisp and wonderfully saturated with these rich and varied shades.

Credit: Gallery Fifty One Facebook

Her innate love for nature is what has brought her to the exhibition at the Australian High Commission. The event featured Australian flora and fauna and her paintings proved to be perfectly in theme.

Ms Corser was welcomed by the Deputy High Commissioner Kate Duff at the opening of her exhibition in Singapore in October.

Credit: Australian High Commission, Singapore Facebook

Umistrong Art Studio & Art Store, a professional art event organizer in Singapore, had the nicest words for Ms Corser too.

“This exhibition went beautifully at the Australian High Commission. The theme beauty of nature [was] well conveyed by [Gallery Fifty One].The colours of paintings are now adorning the walls. Best wishes from us for the hardwork and effort of Madam Vicki  who has painted her heart out from these paintings. We feel honoured [working with you],” Umistrong Art Studio & Art Store said.

Credit: Umistrong Art Store & Art Studio Facebook

Now back at the Gallery Fifty One, Ms Corser was once again busy conducting art workshops for children and master classes for adults.

To know more about the gallery’s schedule, please click here.