Virginia Vehicle Thefts Lead to Multiple Arrests by North Brisbane Dog Squad

The Dog Squad Unit of the Queensland Police Service successfully tracked and apprehended several suspects involved in multiple vehicle thefts from a business in Virginia and other places in North Brisbane.

At approximately 9:10 p.m. on Sunday, the 19th of May 2024, officers noticed a suspicious white Audi Q7, equipped with allegedly stolen number plates, while patrolling the Stafford area. After keeping the vehicle under surveillance, the police deployed a tyre deflation device to stop the car as it travelled onto Southern Cross Way. 

Despite deflated tyres, the vehicle attempted to flee but eventually halted. The two male occupants attempted to escape on foot but were swiftly apprehended by the Dog Squad.

The stolen white Audi and three other vehicles—a black Mitsubishi ASX, a beige Toyota LC Military, and a white Toyota RAV4—had been reported stolen from a local business in Virginia between the 11th and 13th of  May. The latter three vehicles have not yet been recovered.

A 30-year-old man from Baringa was arrested and has faced multiple charges including unlawful use of a motor vehicle and possession of dangerous drugs. He is scheduled for a court appearance at the Brisbane Magistrates Court on the 19th of June.

Additionally, a 35-year-old man from Bellara was charged with unlawful use of a motor vehicle and obstruction of police among other charges. He appeared before the Brisbane Magistrates Court on the 20th of May.

In a related incident that same night, a grey Toyota Hilux was stolen from Gordon Street in Gordon Park and later found abandoned in Deagon.

The Dog Squad traced the suspect to a nearby yard where an 18-year-old man from Chermside was arrested. He faces charges including breaking and entering and unlawful use of a motor vehicle and appeared in court on the 22nd of May.

Dog Squad
Photo Credit: QPS

The Queensland Police urge anyone with information about these incidents or the whereabouts of the missing vehicles to contact Policelink or report anonymously to Crime Stoppers. Your cooperation can help resolve these cases and prevent further criminal activities.

Reference numbers for these incidents are QP2400811329 and QP2400851899.

Published 2-June-2024

Float Away Stress at Virginia’s New Merse Wellness Spa

The wellness trend continues its expansion in North Brisbane with the recent opening of Merse Wellness Spa in Virginia. 

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The spa, complete with magnesium float pools, infra-red saunas and more, caters to those looking for relaxation and recovery after intense workouts.

Merse is housed next to the massive Fitness Cartel Virginia gym and comes from Fitness Cartel founders Nathan James, Grace Donnelly, and TJ Groot. 

Photo credit: Merse Virginia/Facebook

James said Merse is the first location in what he hopes will become a major national wellness spa chain. They have a wide range of services, from body contouring and massage to cold plunge and compression therapy.

With an extensive background in the fitness industry, James noticed an emerging trend toward combining exercise with recovery sessions. As lifestyles become more hectic, he hopes people will recognise the importance of holistic wellbeing.

Photo credit: Merse Virginia/Facebook 

The owner of the newly opened wellness spa believes it’s not just about the gym anymore, but about finding a space that provides relaxation, recovery and recharging.

“We understand that the demands of modern life often leave us in need of relaxation, recovery, and rejuvenation. This understanding is at the core of our mission,” owners stated in their website.

The luxuriously fitted out spa features traditional and infrared saunas, magnesium float therapy, contrast therapy with cold plunge pools, and compression therapy with Normatec boots. Professional massage therapists are on staff, and there is even an automatic spray tan booth.

Merse, which only opened in late January 2024, operates 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on weekdays and 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekends on Sandgate Rd.

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Published 3-February-2024 

Virginia’s Real Estate Market Heats Up With Lightning-Fast Home Sale in 12 Hours

Drew and Larissa Ezzy, a dynamic property renovating duo, have achieved an astonishing feat — the cash unconditional sale of their newly constructed home in Virginia within 12 hours of putting it on the market. 

The couple’s strategic decision to wait until spring to list their latest project paid off significantly, setting a new suburb record in the process.

The Ezzys recently sealed the deal on their stunning five-bedroom, three-bathroom house located at 61 Prince St, Virginia, for an impressive $2.45 million. This sale eclipsed the previous suburb record set in December 2021 when a residence in Royal Street sold for $2.285 million.

In 2021, the Ezzys purchased the original home for $1.05 million. Over the past two years, they embarked on a substantial rebuild, transforming the property into a highly desirable residence.

“We thought Virginia was just an industrial estate, but a block came up for sale at the back of Wavell Heights, north to the rear, and the perfect corner block, so we just thought building on it would attract a decent figure,” Drew said.

Selling agent Tyson Clarke of Queensland Sotheby’s International Realty reported that the property was swiftly snatched up by a local buyer who didn’t hesitate to make a cash unconditional offer. The listing went live on a Wednesday afternoon and was officially sold by lunchtime the following day. 

A prospective buyer from Canberra had intended to fly in to secure the property but was outpaced by the local buyer’s rapid decision.

These extraordinary events have unfolded amidst a broader trend in Brisbane’s real estate market, where new listings have seen a decline of more than 10 percent compared to the same period last year. The scarcity of available listings has intensified competition among buyers, making properties like the Ezzys’ home even more sought after.

The Ezzys, who have been buying, renovating, and selling properties for profit over the past eight years, briefly contemplated retaining this particular property as their forever home. Mr. Ezzy described it as a “very liveable, nice house” with a classic Queenslander feel. However, the allure of property development and a desire for financial freedom ultimately led them to list the property for sale.

Published 18-Sept-2023

Biggest Vinnies Outlet in Queensland Opens in Virginia

Vinnies, the go-to place for affordable and quality pre-loved items, has opened its biggest outlet in Queensland in Virginia.

Run by volunteers who are helping out the Brisbane Diocese of St Vincent De Paul Society, the op shop had been looking for the right place in Virginia for quite some time. 

The Brisbane Diocese opened Vinnies to provide for the underprivileged who do not have enough budget for clothes. Over the years, however, the op shop has attracted shoppers from “all walks of life.”

In mid-November 2021, Vinnies in Virginia held a grand party to celebrate their opening, with free sausage sizzles and some prizes for shoppers who also got dibs on the outlet’s initial supplies. 

Renzo Salvetti, the retail operations manager for Vinnies, told Loretta Ryan on her radio show that there is a strong demand for their service in the area.

After Vinnies closed for six to eight weeks due to the lockdowns, Mr Salvetti said there was an influx of demand for second-hand pieces, as well as an increase in high-quality donated goods.

The greatest thing about being the biggest Vinnies shop in Queensland is more space, more variety of items, where shoppers will really notice the difference of what they can find from the Virginia store, including a good selection of men’s items

While this is great news for the charity shop, Mr Salvetti also said that their volunteer number has gone down because of the impact of the pandemic in the older age group. 

“Except for managers, we are wholly and solely relying on volunteer numbers,” Mr Salvetti said.

Vinnies Virginia is at 1804 Sandgate Road. Follow them on Facebook for updates. 

Virginia Pet Crematorium Development in Brisbane Receives Council Approval

Brisbane City Council has finally approved a proposal from Pet Angel Property Holdings Pty Ltd to build a pet crematorium in Virginia.

Once completed, this establishment will be Pet Angel’s first crematorium in Brisbane. However, the company specializing in pet funerals is also operating a similar establishment in the Gold Coast.

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council

In November 2018, Pet Angel filed the development application to reuse an industrial property at 9/66 Pritchard Road, some 3.6 kilometres away from Wavell Heights, as an animal burial and crematorium. The company cited that its business should meet the rising demands for a pet crematorium in Brisbane without causing significant changes or impact to the surrounding facilities.

Under the proposal, Pet Angel intends to trade daily from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with cremator hours ending at 4:00 p.m. However, the approved proposal did not indicate when the facility should begin construction or set a projected opening date.

As of April 2019, Pet Angel waived the Appeal Period afforded to development applicants. The pet funeral business instead informed the Council that it was “satisfied with the Decision Notice.”

Pet Angel, a family-owned business, opened in the Gold Coast in 2014. Apart from burial and cremation services, the company also has commemorative products for pet owners to have something to remember their beloved furry best friends by.