Wavell Heights Dad Is Philips Community Sports Dad Of The Year

Wavell Heights local Scott Peeler-Hammond, a father of three, has won the Philips Community Sports Dad of the Year award, the first winner from Brisbane in the program’s eight-year history.

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Hammond, who received a $5,000 cheque, will donate his winnings to the Kedron Lions AFL club, where he’s a valued member who carries multiple roles including being senior president and coach of two teams.

“It is an amazing honour to win. I do what I do because I love coaching and our club. To receive an award like this is just an incredible bonus. The fact that I do it all with the kids a part of the community just makes it all the sweeter,” Hammond said of his win. 

Known as ‘Spud’ around the club, Hammond was nominated by fellow Kedron AFC member Felicity Rogers for his tireless behind-the-scenes work. Besides his numerous roles in the club, he’s also a devoted dad to 11-year-old Hudson and 18-month-old Gretchen.

“He has built stronger connections between the junior girl’s and senior women’s programs and helped to strengthen the connection between the senior men’s and women’s teams as well as organising gala days,” Felicity said.

Photo credit: Kedron Districts Junior Football Club/Facebook

“Spud just puts his heart and soul into everything at the club and has helped foster an amazing and supportive culture,” he added. To him, Hammond is a father figure to many players at the club and provides support to players beyond just football.

Felicity said the club has also helped Scott through some hard times, after the tragic passing of his newborn daughter Maisie in 2019. Hammond experienced the loss of Maisie just hours after her birth and the female playing group rallied around him and his family during this time, with many players attending Maisie’s funeral.

Aside from the cash prize, Hammond also received some Philips products including the Shaver 9000, and Bodygroom and Multigroom 7000, which he said was handy for “a guy who shaves his head at least twice a week!”

About the Philips Community Sports Dad of the Year 

Photo credit: Philips Sports Dad of the Year/Facebook

The annual Community Sports Dad of the Year is designed to reward the contributions and positive impact that Australian dads make to their families and community both on and off the sporting field. 

Last year’s Community Sports Dad of the Year is Richard Galea, President of the Blacktown City Swim Club.

Wavell Heights Tops Brisbane Suburbs With Strongest Million-Dollar Home Growth in 10 Years

Wavell Heights has emerged as the latest Brisbane suburb crossing the million-dollar property market with strong growth of homes sold for $1 million or more for the past 10 years.

Data from Place Advisory showed that an impressive increase of 379 percent in million-dollar homes were sold in Brisbane in the last decade, with Wavell Heights’ sales growing to 23.67 percent. Holland Park, West End, Gordon Park and Seven Hills round up the top five list. 

Brisbane Suburbs with Strong Growth of Homes Sold for $1 Million or More in 10 Years

SuburbGrowth Percentage
Wavell Heights 23.67%
Holland Park20%
West End16%
Gordon Park 16%
Seven Hills 14.5%
Sherwood 10.67%
Chapel Hill 10.25%
Camp Hill9.82%

The most recent Wavell Heights property that broke the record and sold for $2.227 million was on 87 Benecia Street in July 2021. According to realestate.com.au, the said house sold for $687,000 in 2020. It was worth just $190,000 in May 2001.  

Photo Credit: realestate.com.au

Meanwhile, Wavell Heights homeowner and dad-of-three Jason Fenton is hoping to break the next million-dollar sales record as he listed his property on 10 Zeehan Street.

Mr Fenton bought the 670-square metre property in 2020 for $705,000 as it was his family’s desire to live closer to the children’s school in Nudgee, after some years of renting in Gordon Park. 

After doing a rebuild and turning the house into a five-bedroom Hamptons-style dwelling, Mr Fenton and his wife are now ready to cash in on the growing market. 

Photo Credit: realestate.com.au

In 1999, Mr Fenton had a house in Wavell Heights, when it was still a sleeping giant with heaps of ’50s or ’60s elevated post-war homes. He recalled that there wasn’t a lot of growth in the suburb, describing the locale as the “very affordable poorer cousin to Nundah.” 

In recent years, however, the suburb’s property market has ramped up with families who are looking for a place to call home near schools, shopping centres (Toombul or Chermside), public transport (Nundah Train Station or various bus services), or bike trails (Kedron).

Wavell Heights Startup, Vaulta, Scores Huge Federal Grant for Battery Casing Technology

From a shared garage in Wavell Heights, Dominic Spooner, the founder of the startup firm, Vaulta, developed an improved design for battery casing technology for electric vehicles and renewables with his team of engineers. Vaulta recently received a major grant to go commercial with their invention.

In June 2021, Vaulta, under Battery Graphene Corp Pty Ltd, secured a $297,500 Accelerating Commercialisation grant from the Federal Government to develop low-cost and light-weight graphene-enhanced battery modules that could be easily disassembled, reducing the number of battery casing parts from more than 20 to just a handful and setting some of these parts for re-use.

Spooner said that this funding has been a validation of Vaulta’s world-class design, which will improve the efficiency of electric vehicle battery technology.  


  • Vaulta, based in Wavell Heights, received a $297,500 Accelerating Commercialisation grant from the Federal Government.
  • The money will help the startup commercialise their low-cost and light-weight graphene-enhanced battery modules.
  • Vaulta has also landed a memorandum of understanding with Quickstep, a drone manufacturer, and lithium battery makers in Canada who power cars racing at NASCAR, IndyCar, and Aussie V8 Supercars.

The Vaulta founder has been working with electric vehicles since 2016 and realised the challenges of battery design and commercialisation. He is confident that their technology will extend the life and performance of li-ion batteries.

He also said that the recycling technology for li-ion batteries still needs more development given the rapid growth and demand for electric vehicles and renewable-powered devices or tools. However, their design will pave the way for more alternatives. 

Photo Credit: Vaulta

Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Christian Porter said that the support for Vaulta to go commercial will also create jobs for Australians and attract more investors to the country, amidst the COVD-19 recovery efforts. 

The grant comes as Vaulta has signed a memory of understanding (MOU) with Canadian lithuim battery makers Braille Energy Systems, Grafoid, Focus Graphite. These companies work with some of the fastest cars in the world at NASCAR, IndyCar, and Aussie V8 Supercars.  

“I’m excited that our new battery casings will be used to help propel cars at speeds of up to more than 500kmh,” Spooner said.

“Braille is a world leader in the battery space, particularly when it comes to high performance motor vehicles.

“The lightness of our innovative casings, combined with their strength and thermal and electrical conductive qualities, will be a real asset in these batteries.”

Vaulta has also signed an MOU with Quickstep, an aerospace advanced composites manufacturer for drones with renewable technology. 

Wavell School Creates New Donation Drive for Homeless Connect Event

Students from Wavell State High School have set up a donation drive for Brisbane’s homeless population through Homeless Connect.

Students from the Wavell State High School first set up the drive on the 20th of May 2021, striving to connect the homeless as well as those at risk of homelessness with support services. They provided homeless people across Brisbane with donated items gathered from their families, eager to give new or unused tools, clothing, food and other objects for those who really need them.  

About Homeless Connect

Homeless Connect is a regular event hosted by the Council, created to improve the quality of life for all Brisbane residents by providing them with a wide range of benefits.

Some of these benefits include receiving free services from volunteer medical and allied health care professionals, or housing support and community support. Those without homes can even receive free haircuts from volunteer barbers, as well as immunisation from the Council’s immunisation team. 

Other goods and services provided by the event include personal grooming items for self care such as toothbrushes, shampoo and deodorant, as well as clothing and shoes for both adults and children. Food and entertainment are also given to people without homes, or those at risk of losing their homes.

Homeless Connect has helped over 18,580 people since it first launched in November 2006.

Warning Issued as Trailer Thefts Rise in Wavell Heights, North Brisbane

Wavell Heights trailer owners need to implement extra security amidst a rising number of trailer thefts in North Brisbane, the Queensland Police Service (QPS) has warned.

According to the authorities, the following areas were targeted by thieves in the last three weeks, stealing from trailers parked on the streets by unhooking the attachment and running off with the bounty from tradesmen or residents who store their tools and other equipment in the box.

AscotAscot Street
BardonFletcher Parade 
BoondallAberdeen Parade
Bowen HillsCintra Road
ChermsideKingsmill Street
KeperraMarble Street
PaddingtonGreat George Street
ToowongFrederick Street
Wavell HeightsParkham Avenue
ZillmereJennings Street

The police said that the trailer owners should make it “as hard as possible” to unhook the attachment with a lock and chain, a wheel clap, or by parking the trailer inside a locked gate or garage to keep it out of sight from the thieves. 

Photo Credit: QPS

Owners should also remove any items inside the trailer so it won’t be an easy target. If possible, owners are also encouraged to invest in anti-theft alarms for storage and boxes or CCTV on their property. It would be wise to have a photograph of serial numbers of the tools and equipment for purposes of identification if lost. 

Wavell Heights and North Brisbane locals can help prevent this crime by reporting suspicious activities with QPS Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000 or at the official site

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia Need North Brisbane Residents Pet Carers

Are you a dog-loving Wavell Heights or North Brisbane resident with a secured yard? Would you be willing to take in a puppy for training with Seeing Eye Dogs Australia and Vision Australia for at least 15 months?

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia and Vision Australia are in need of pet carers who can become an important part of a puppy’s development and training as an animal who will help vision-impaired individuals once they mature.

The program is open to willing individuals who will temporarily welcome eight-week-old pups in their home and help them learn social skills to prepare them for their huge task ahead. The carers must also be willing to take the pup for basic training or group training, as needed.

Photo Credit: Seeing Eye Dogs Australia/Facebook

Seeing Eye Dogs defines puppy carers as someone who will:

  • Provide a loving home and to nurture a Seeing Eye Dogs puppy
  • Help to socialise them
  • Teach them basic skills such as toilet training, to sit, and to walk nicely on a lead

It would be an advantage for older puppies to have a carer who could take them for long walks and travel on public transport.

Vision Australia will provide pet carers with the puppy’s needs for a full year, such as food, veterinary care, collar, lead, and other essentials. The service company has six-month and modified training programs but slots are currently full.

To join, sign and submit the online form. If you know someone who might want to be a puppy carer but is not living in North Brisbane, they may send an email to Carer.Admin@visionaustralia.org for consideration. 

All applications will be evaluated, while properties will be inspected virtually.  

Locals Petition Speed Limit Change for Main Avenue in Wavell Heights

A group of concerned families in Wavell Heights have lodged a petition to change the speed limit on Main Avenue, as well as implement “proper traffic calming measures” to keep the neighbourhood safe.

The petition, shared on both the Council’s e-petitions page and on Change.org, was initiated by Tunui Tuahiva Ote Tonohiti, who explained that non-residents use Main Avenue to speed up and cut through the traffic building up on Hamilton Road. However, Main Avenue is not a wide street and has plenty of vehicles parked on both sides.

As a result of the speeding, Mr Tonohiti said that cars parked on the streets, owned by families who live there, have had some damages. But it’s not just vehicles that are at risk as many residents have almost been victims of hit and run, and some are caught on video.

“Numerous residents have nearly been hit while crossing the road with a pram or a dog and trying to access parked cars on the street has become a nightmare. We have footage of vehicles during school pick-up and drop-off hours doing 80km/h, if not more down Main Avenue. It is rampant and daily.”

Main Avenue’s speed limit is at 60km/h and the signs are located in just two streets, along the intersection of Bilsen Road and Newman Road. 

Photo Credit: Google Maps

“The former is hidden and attached to an electrical pole high up behind a tree. Using a 24/7 security camera, we have thousands of hours of recordings of the street and we have observed at least two-thirds of the vehicles travelling Main Avenue do well over the 60km/h speed limit. Some vehicles reaching speeds of 80km/h.” 

The petition calls for a speed reduction to 50km/h and the installation of speed bumps in critical areas. Mr Tonohiti also hopes that the Council will put up a pedestrian crossing near the playground on Main Avenue so that children and families walking their dogs can cross safely. 

“The footpath on Main Avenue starting from Newman Road travels on one side then stops at the children’s playground and continues on the opposite side of the street with no safe way of crossing over.”

To monitor this development, residents may join the local Facebook group. 

Locals Express Concern Over Worsening School Drop-Off at Wavell State High School

School drop-offs in Wavell State High School have changed in recent years, according to the parents of the students or the residents living nearby. Frustration has been mounting as both children and adults display inconsiderate behaviour, making the regular drive to this area such a stressful experience.

The most dangerous time to be on the road is from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., according to an official from the Transport and Main Roads (TMR), because that’s when most school kids are out. 

In Wavell Heights, concerned locals said that they’ve experienced a rise in speeding, congestion and other traffic inconveniences at busy intersections near the state high school.

Driver behaviour has gone downhill as well with more rude and entitled people at the wheel, prompting some to fear that they might be involved in a tiff. 

To make matters worse, some school children do not seem to have the sense to exercise care and caution when walking on busy streets. It’s an accident waiting to happen, according to the locals.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Brisbane has over 2,000 crossing supervisors at school zones but they, too, have had rude encounters with drivers. However, only serious incidents are reported to TMR.

An official said that they have relied on the help of the Queensland Police Service (QPS) for proper traffic enforcement, which regularly monitors speed camera trailers installed at school zones. In 2020, TMR have sent out 4,500 speeding fines within the school zones of suburbs like Wavell Heights, Eatons Hill, Mansfield, Mount Gravatt and Wishart.

The QPS reminded motorists to be mindful, attentive and patient, especially if they are near school zones. 

Kim Marx, the chair of the Brisbane City Council Community Health and Safety, said that the incidents on the road can happen within a “split-second” and a small number of errant drivers or misguided students can cause unnecessary risks to the public. 

Ms Marx encouraged locals to report what they deem unsafe either to the QPS or the Council as this will also help with enforcement and prevention. 

Hundreds Sign Petition to Bring Back Nudgee Beach Off-Leash Privilege

Dog owners who regularly let their pooches play and exercise off-leash at the foreshore of Nudgee Beach are still challenging the Council order that brought the site back to an on-leash area in November 2020.  

Northgate resident Clare Murray lodged a petition for the Council to reverse the cancellation, citing that “a large number of Brisbane dog owners who were unaware of the ‘trial’ nature of the off-leash dog area at Nudgee Beach and are now extremely upset by the change.” 

Ms Murray’s petition, which will run until 28 Feb 2021, has gained nearly 400 signatures from local dog owners and even those from Coorparoo and Eight Mile Plains.

Photo Credit: Suzanne Andrews/Google Maps

But another resident also opened a petition to keep the on-leash rule and has nearly 50 signatures. 

“[Off-leash] would be very destructive for these shorebirds as they need a safe place to feed and rest. Otherwise, these birds would have nowhere to go which would result in a decline in species population,” the petitioner, Jessica Shipley, wrote. 

Brisbane City Council discontinued Nudgee Beach’s off-leash dog trial, whilst retaining Manly and Sandgate’s status. In a statement, the Council said that there are alternative off-leash sites at the Kedron Broo, the Tuckeroo Park on Nudgee Road and the Sandgate foreshore.  

A spokesperson acknowledged that Nudgee Beach was a popular destination for dog owners and their pets but the decision was precipitated by an increase in the disturbance of migratory shorebirds in the area, as backed by scientific evidence.

Wavell Heights Doctors Oppose Planned 24-Hour Medical Centre

A group of medical doctors from Wavell Heights and Kedron is not in favor of the plan to turn an old bowling site into a 24-hour medical facility. 

In late October, the Council approved the application of Carbone Developments to turn the old bowling centre on Gympie Road into a medical hub. The application, however, has been appealed with more than a hundred people signing a petition to cancel the plan. 

The petitioners, consisting of mostly GPs, said that there are enough qualified, family-oriented and well-established medical centres, health clinics and pharmacies within the radius of Wavell Heights, Gordon Park, Nundah, Chermside Kedron and Stafford. 

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Dr Conor Calder-Potts, from the Shaw Road Medical Centre in Wavell Heights said that this North Brisbane section does not need a “big super clinic.”

The other practitioners said that there is no demand to increase medical services in the area since the community is at maximum capacity when it comes to doctors.

The new medical centre will apparently create a space for 10 doctors’ offices, 120 new doctors, operating rooms, and a large 100 sqm pharmacy. 

“As an employee of a business within a close vicinity of the proposed development, it is important to note that we are already experiencing significant issues with parking, traffic and congestion within this area. In this area we already have an established medical centre, pathology collection, pharmacy, cafe and three schools. Adding another ‘Super Centre’ style medical centre into the mix along with more providers would be a recipe for disaster,” a local said.

Carbone Developments originally planned to develop the defunct AMF bowling site into a food hub, which the residents prefer. However, the company could not find the right tenants to fill the space thus the shift to a medical facility.