The Kedron Brook Lighting Restoration Works Commences

The Kedron Brook Lighting Restoration Works Commences

The Kedron Brook restoration works involving lighting restoration on Gympie Road to Shaw Road have commenced.

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Lighting restoration works between Gympie Road, Kedron to Shaw Road, Wavell Heights commenced in early February with completion of works expected by late March 2023.

The restoration works along Kedron Brook Bikeway between Gympie Road, Kedron and Shaw Road in Wavell Heights will include the installation of luminaires and poles, electrical cabling works, and adding topsoil and turf. However, restoration works will vary at each location depending on the level of damage at the light.

The lighting infrastructure along Kedron Brook was significantly impacted by the February 2022 floods. Sections of Kedron Brook were critically damaged by the flood waters. Restoration works across the brook are now underway.

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Moreover, electrical infrastructure along the Kedron Bikeway was also significantly damaged following the severe weather event last year. Electrical inspections have already been carried out across the length of the bikeway and the lights have been switched on where it is safe to do so.

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Following these inspections, however, a large number of poles, luminaries, electrical pits and cabling were identified to have been severely damaged and must be replaced as part of the restoration process.

Lighting restoration works are now underway along the Kedron Brook Bikeway, with works expected to progress throughout early 2023.

Residents who live or travel through the area may experience low-level noise, truck movements, vibration and dust during restoration works. The bike path will remain open with minimal disruptions expected. Council encourages road users to follow any signage on site.

For inquiries about the project, you may contact the Council’s City Projects Team at 1800 884 681 or email

Published 5-March-2023.