Warning Issued as Trailer Thefts Rise in Wavell Heights, North Brisbane

Wavell Heights
Photo Credit: PXHere

Wavell Heights trailer owners need to implement extra security amidst a rising number of trailer thefts in North Brisbane, the Queensland Police Service (QPS) has warned.

According to the authorities, the following areas were targeted by thieves in the last three weeks, stealing from trailers parked on the streets by unhooking the attachment and running off with the bounty from tradesmen or residents who store their tools and other equipment in the box.

AscotAscot Street
BardonFletcher Parade 
BoondallAberdeen Parade
Bowen HillsCintra Road
ChermsideKingsmill Street
KeperraMarble Street
PaddingtonGreat George Street
ToowongFrederick Street
Wavell HeightsParkham Avenue
ZillmereJennings Street

The police said that the trailer owners should make it “as hard as possible” to unhook the attachment with a lock and chain, a wheel clap, or by parking the trailer inside a locked gate or garage to keep it out of sight from the thieves. 

Photo Credit: QPS

Owners should also remove any items inside the trailer so it won’t be an easy target. If possible, owners are also encouraged to invest in anti-theft alarms for storage and boxes or CCTV on their property. It would be wise to have a photograph of serial numbers of the tools and equipment for purposes of identification if lost. 

Local Resources

Wavell Heights and North Brisbane locals can help prevent this crime by reporting suspicious activities with QPS Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000 or at the official site

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