Wavell Heights Student Soars High in Summer Stint

Summer turned out to be a superb holiday for Wavell Heights student Georgina Osborn as she got the chance to perform for the Great Moscow Circus.

The Year 12 student was requested to perform on the flying trapeze after one performer got injured. She joined the Great Moscow Circus one year ago. She started working at the backstage and filling in the gaps before and after performances.

Her break came when she replaced one of the flying trapeze performers in December. She performed two times a day and six days a week in a span of six weeks.

Ms Osborn knows that it takes hard work when she joined the circus, but all is worth it as she loves performing. “That feeling you get when you are entertaining a crowd, I love it,” she exclaimed.

The young trapeze flyer was only three years old when she started doing basic circus tricks like forward rolls. She improved her skills as she trained at Circus Arts Brisbane.

In the future, she hopes to join Cirque du Soleil or Hudson’s.

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