Wavell Heights Teacher’s “Bit of a Hero” Act Captured on Camera

“A bit of a hero,” that was how Sarah Porch described a teacher who spent a few minutes of her free time to take extra care of her students.

Ms Porch snapped a photo of Lucy Forbes, a Grade 2 teacher at Wavell Heights State School, mending her students’ uniforms while the students were having a swimming lesson.

The teacher could have enjoyed some downtime or sipped coffee. Instead, the teacher stayed on and went the extra mile. Ms Porch thought that the act was unusual, but she was not surprised at what Ms. Forbes did since she’s very gentle and truly cares for her students.

She posted the photo on Instagram and Facebook to show appreciation for the small act of kindness by the teacher.

Ms Porch sees how easy it is for many to criticise teachers and educators, but she thinks that people need to highlight the good deeds and excellent work that they are doing.

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