What’s On at Wavell State High School

Wavell State High School
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At Wavell State High School, a highly rated school for Years 7 to 12, the focus is not just on academics but on developing multi-faceted individuals. Check out this line-up of activities from May to June 2023 that will help its Years 7 to 12 students become just that.

Here are just some of the latest on-goings in the school community:

Multicultural and House Spirit Week

From 8 to 12 May 2023, Wavell State High School is running its annual Multicultural and House Spirit Week, where the students learn about different cultures, muster teamwork to earn house points, and have fun with the different activities lined up. 

Wavell State High School Multicultural Week
Photo Credit: WavellSHS/Facebook
Wavell State High School House Spirit Week
Photo Credit: WavellSHS/Facebook

Open Day 

The Open Day is where parents and kids can attend two sessions with Executive Principal Liz Foster on Friday, 19 May from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. to learn about the school. Visitors may also check out the faculty displays and join a school tour to learn more about the school’s extensive opportunities.

Wavell Warriors Rugby League Program of Excellence

With a terrific training session in April 2023, the Wavell Warriors Rugby League Program of Excellence officially launched the 2023 Broncos Competitions season! Second-tier teams got the amazing opportunity to improve their talents by working with knowledgeable personnel from the Brisbane Broncos Elite Player Development Academy. The players had the perfect opportunity to engage in a match simulation environment against teams from various year levels because of the positive and uplifting atmosphere. 

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Wavell SHS Warriors Rugby League
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Someone who embodies the spirit of the students and the Wavell Warriors is Karl Oloapu, who graduated in 2022 as the Player of the Year. Karl recently made his NRL debut for the Canterbury Bulldogs and won his first game! A committed player and teammate, Karl has been a shining example for young people who want to be athletes. 

After the Bulldogs defeated the St. George Dragons, Dragons player Michael Molo (Wavell Warrior #876) went to see Karl (Wavell Warrior #867) to congratulate him on his debut game. 

Wavell SHS
Photo Credit: WavellSHS/Facebook

The Push-Up Challenge

The Wavell SHS community will take part in the Push-Up Challenge in June 2023 to raise awareness for mental health and the lives lost to suicide. A community page has been set up for participants taking part in the challenge to complete 3144 push-ups. 

Those in the Rugby League or Netball excellence programs have the option of joining their team or one of the school’s house groups to earn points. Parents and alumni, as well as the rest of the Wavell Heights neighbourhood may also join the challenge by creating their own community page or becoming part of the existing team. 

Published 9-May-2023