Owners of Wavell Heights Gourmet Meats Opens Second Location

Whilst many small, independently owned butcher shops have closed in recent years, Wavell Heights Gourmet Meats owner Pat Saumani, aka the Grinning Butcher, has defied the odds by opening a second store in Paddington.

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Mr Saumani and his family have owned and operated the original Wavell Heights shop since 2016. Building on their success, they have now fully renovated and opened a space in Paddington Central Shopping Village.

Like the Wavell Heights Gourmet Meats, the new shop in Paddington will focus on supporting local producers and providing high-quality natural and organic meats. This includes an extensive range of grass-fed, free range options as well as a huge selection of gluten-free items. 

Photo credit: Paddington Gourmet Meats/Facebook

They are also the exclusive seller of award-winning Wagyu beef from Stockyard Beef, which has taken out top Queensland branded beef titles since 2017.

Wavell Heights Gourmet Meats
Owner Pat Saumani and family (Photo credit: Wavell Heights Gourmet Meats/Facebook)

In addition to premium fresh meats, Paddington Gourmet Meats will also offer deli items and a wide array of low and slow barbecue meats. Pre-prepared meals will also be available for quick and easy dinners. The original Wavell Heights location has built a loyal following thanks to its fantastic ready-made options alongside high-quality steaks, sausages and more.

Wavell Heights Gourmet Meats
Photo credit: Paddington Gourmet Meats/Facebook

To celebrate the new Paddington opening this week, Mr Saumani has offered specials and giveaways at both shops. The Paddington location also features a great selection of rubs, sauces, marinades and other home barbecue delights to complement the top-notch meats.

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By expanding to a second location whilst staying dedicated to quality, local products, Saumani has found a recipe for success in an increasingly challenging market for independent butchers.

Paddington Gourmet Meats is located at Paddington Central Shopping Village (Shop 3B/107 Latrobe Terrace). They are open Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. and Saturday to Sunday 6:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Published 7-September-2023

Check Out the Newly Renovated ‘Wavell Heights Gourmet Meats’ Shop

Have you visited Wavell Heights Gourmet Meats on Shaw Road lately? If you haven’t, then you need to check out their newly renovated shop to find out what’s new.

Since its launch in late 2016, Wavell Heights Gourmet Meats has become the go-to shop among the locals for five-star restaurant quality beef, lamb, chicken, and pork products.

After a brief hiatus and some renovations, this multi-award-winning family-owned butcher shop at Shaw Road Shopping Village reopened in mid-July 2022 with a special BBQ treat courtesy of Stockyard Beef.

Wavell Heights Gourmet Meats boasts a range of locally sourced meat products that are ethically raised and prepared by seasoned staff. From mouth-watering gourmet burgers to hams, bacon, sausages and pizza, the choices are wide and plentiful. And count on their knowledgeable staff when you need tips on how to prepare, cook and serve your meals.

“Always the best meat and friendly staff. I went to buy a meat tray from there, and explained what it was for, and Pat the owner asked if he could donate it. All the staff are legends!! Everyone I talk to who has visited the butcher have all said the same thing. I head there every Sunday to get supplies for our family bbq. Best butcher in Brisbane.” – Andrew S.

“Best meat around. If you want excellent quality meat with real flavour, then go and visit Pat and the rest of the team. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff.” – Louise G.

“The chilli sausages are amazing; slow cooked meatballs a winner and burgers the bestest!” – Russell H.

On a side note, owner Pat Saumani and his version of Ballot Banger made headlines ahead of the federal election day, with no less than Federal Member for Lilley, Anika Wells MP giving a stamp of approval to his creation. His special smoky chorizo, honey pork and beef snag was described as having that little bit of spice that’s often found in election campaigns.

“Pat Saumani from Wavell Heights Gourmet Meats has got my vote for the Best Ballot Banger!  Pat created his smoky chorizo and honey pork and beef snag especially for the election – and I appreciate it.” writes Anika Wells MP on her social media. 

Wavell Heights Gourmet Meats is located at Shop 9 / 216 Shaw Rd, Wavell Heights. You may visit their website and social media for updated trading hours or for ordering online.

Shop 9, 216 Shaw Rd, Wavell Heights, QLD 4012